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  1. Charley B

    Season 566 - Seasonal Songs

    some Christmas cheer from The Everly Brothers ...
  2. Charley B

    Season 566 - Seasonal Songs

    for this year's Christmas song, to save your ears, i managed to rope my girlfriend into singing for me ...
  3. Charley B


    one from the original incarnation of Motörhead ... even after a spell in jail, this parolee hasn't learnt his lesson ...
  4. Charley B

    Season 560 - Home Again

    My home town is New Brighton, across the Mersey from Liverpool, and as far as i know this is the only song written about it - from local band It's Immaterial in 1990. When the song was written it was a faded seaside resort that had fallen into neglect but it has since been cleaned up and is...
  5. Charley B

    Week 557 - For Four: 444 Revisited

    how to cover a song and make it sound absolutely nothing like the original ... it's not that hard when the original is by Gong, and you've only got a little ukulele to play with ... Gong were on my mind because i've got tickets to go and see them in a couple of weeks :)
  6. Charley B

    SEASON 556- 1972

    great theme - was 1972 the best year ever for music? ... i'd say it was ... here's a stomper from Slade ...
  7. Charley B

    Season 555 - The Number ‘5’ And The Letter ‘E’

    one from the great Nick Lowe ...
  8. Charley B

    SOTU 553 International Day Calendar

    it may be World Pharmacist Day on the 25th September but use too many of their wares and you might end up like poor Amy ...
  9. Charley B

    SOTU 551 -- WINE!

    for this week's contribution let me transport you back to 'The Good Old Days' of the Victorian Music Hall with one of my theme songs :) ...
  10. Charley B

    SOTU 550 (!!!) "IT'S ONLY A MOVIE, INGRID!"

    from Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life ...
  11. Charley B

    Season 549: Paperback Writers

    i was googling for songs on this week's theme when i noticed that Hawkwind's 'Lord of Light' was inspired by Roger Zelazny's book of the the same title ... so, any excuse to cover a Hawkwind song ...
  12. Charley B

    Season 548 - Second City Songs

    Black Sabbath are so 'Birmingham' that they came out of retirement to close the recent Commonwealth Games in the city ...
  13. Charley B

    Season 548 - Second City Songs

    Last night i went to see The Jalapeños (check them out on google) at my local pub. They opened with this one from The Move who hail from Birmingham, and who were arguably one of the most influential bands in the UK. I don't know how i managed it, but i've made the song almost unrecognisable...
  14. Charley B

    Season 547 - The Baggage Carousel

    is the video working? or is it just my computer?
  15. Charley B

    Season 547 - The Baggage Carousel

    I'll "Leave it till tomorrow to unpack my case", but in the meantime i'll drop off this one from The Beatles ...
  16. Charley B

    Season 546...can we revisit Season 54?

    every now and again in life you hear a song or band that completely sends you into a new musical avenue to explore ... this oldie by Louis Jordan which i probably first heard in the early 80s is one of those songs for me ...
  17. Charley B

    Season 545 of the ukulele-CALENDAR GIRL

    i was a September baby
  18. Charley B

    SOTU 544 -- Tell the Tale!

    if you want songs that tell a story, the first stop's got to be Johnny Horton, or in my case Marty Robbins
  19. Charley B

    SOTU 543: That Building is Brill!

    i must admit i've never heard of the brill building, but while i was googling around looking for inspiration for a song to cover i came across this in a bio of Lesley Gore ... "Gore could not have begun her music career with a better team behind her. Her first single, 1963's "It's My Party...