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  1. Bob-in-Alberta

    NUD - Pono Acacia tenor electric ukulele

    I'm in Hawaii and dropped in at The Ukulele Site. They are, in my humble opinion, the world's greatest ukulele store. Their selection is outstanding and I find it impossible to ever walk out empty handed. I've bought ukes elsewhere but they are definitely the number one supplier to my UAS...
  2. Bob-in-Alberta

    In Hawaii - caught the Uke Bug - where to buy?

    A little hard to find but well worth it.
  3. Bob-in-Alberta

    NUD - with questions

    Hello all. I just got home from a holiday in San Francisco and UAS struck again. I was in a music store in the Haight-Ashbury district and ended up walking out with a Kala soprano banjo ukulele (picture attached). It seems like a fun little guy but, since it's like a banjo, I've got some...
  4. Bob-in-Alberta

    Oahu bound - NUD

    I picked up my new Pono and I like it a lot. I'd include a sound sample but I'm not that good so I'd rather not torture anyone. Special thanks to the local ABC stores in Hawaii for the nice backdrop towel.
  5. Bob-in-Alberta

    KoAloha factory tour

    My wife and I went on the free KoAloha ukulele factory tour this morning. Everyone was extremely friendly and it was very interesting. They have a wall of their "factory seconds" for sale at a reduced price that was very tempting but I managed to control my UAS. I got to try out their...
  6. Bob-in-Alberta

    Oahu bound - NUD

    My wife and I are off to Oahu in a couple of days for a holiday that will include picking up a new ukulele. I've ordered a Pono MT mahogany tenor strung low g with a misi pickup from Hawaii Music Supply and we'll we picking it up on one of our rental car days while exploring the north shore...
  7. Bob-in-Alberta

    Pickup advice requested - Time to plug in!

    The time has come in my ukulele education to be like Bob Dylan and plug in. I’ve decided that I’d really like a ukulele with a pickup that I can hook up to my Apple ipad and play around on Garageband with. I’ve ordered an Apogee Jam digital interface that I understand works well and my wife...
  8. Bob-in-Alberta

    Jake in Ventura California

    I just saw Jake tonight. Damn, he is good. I really need to practice more. Not that I'll ever be as good as him. I just want the instrument that I play and get sounds out of to somewhat resemble the music that I heard tonight.
  9. Bob-in-Alberta

    Jake Shimabukuro in Ventura California

    March 19th. I've done the first part and bought tickets. Now I just have to fill in all of the minor details: Airfare, hotel, rental car and time off from work. That stuff should be easy. Important thing is going to see Jake. Of course California in March after a Alberta winter won't be...
  10. Bob-in-Alberta

    Does bridge pin material affect the sound?

    I have recently purchased an Islander tenor that use bridge pins. The pins that came with it appear to be plastic. Would pins made of something else affect the sound any? I've seen pins made of various metals, ivory or other bone like material and various woods and am wondering if it is worth...
  11. Bob-in-Alberta

    New Uke Day (HMS got me again!)

    My wife and I are in Hawaii on Oahu and have rented a car for a few days for some general sightseeing and to take in a Hawaii Warriors football game. Yesterday we had plans to drive up to the north shore to visit a shrimp truck and perhaps drop in to Hawaii Music Supply to "just look around"...
  12. Bob-in-Alberta

    Ukulele lessons at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center in Honolulu

    I just had a unpleasant experience at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center in Honolulu Hawaii while on vacation there that I would like to share with my ukulele brethren. They have offered free ukulele lessons there for a long time and have held them at the Food Court on the 2nd level. The...
  13. Bob-in-Alberta

    Hawaii Music Supply's Ukulele photo contest

    Andrew and the staff at Hawaii Music Supply are having their ukulele photo contest again. The first place entry wins a new Pono and there are ten prizes of an in store credit that are chosen by the staff that are based on photographic merit. First place is decided by popular vote. It is kind...
  14. Bob-in-Alberta

    NUD - Kala travel soprano

    I'm in Waikiki right now and I've just picked up a Kala travel soprano uke. No pictures as of yet since my BlackBerry Playbook doesn't like to do that sort of thing but one will come once I get home. I like it so far - very thin body but has a good deal of volume and it holds it's tune. I...
  15. Bob-in-Alberta

    New old uke day

    I've just had one of my coworkers give me an old ukulele that has been in his family since 1970. It's not a great instrument but it's kind of neat anyway. It's a Canora uke that was used in the Canadian school system and it has the traditional Canadian tuning of A D F# B. This one still has...
  16. Bob-in-Alberta

    Share your photo entries for HMS Kamaka Competition...Voting live from 3-17 May

    Here is my entry and the email that I sent out to my coworkers: Hi all, As some of you already know, I'm a ukulele player. It might sound stupid but it keeps me busy and everybody needs a hobby. I'm not very good but who says that you have to be good at something to enjoy it. I bought a...
  17. Bob-in-Alberta

    The UU Photo thread. Post your photos etc. that you'd like to share with members

    This thread seems to be quite heavy towards pictures of the beauty of Hawaii. Here is a shot of my neighbourhood park on Monday and why I spend my winters dreaming of my next visit to Hawaii.
  18. Bob-in-Alberta

    The UU Photo thread. Post your photos etc. that you'd like to share with members

    And a couple from Charleston, South Carolina
  19. Bob-in-Alberta

    The UU Photo thread. Post your photos etc. that you'd like to share with members

    Here are a couple of my shots from our last visit to Honolulu. One of the view of the canal from our lanai and one of the sun from the beach.
  20. Bob-in-Alberta

    I hate B flat

    As my title states, I hate this cord. I need some encouragement, it does get better with time, right? I just recently took part in some group lessons and when we got to B flat it sounded horrible so I assume that I'm not alone.