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  1. Pharmaceutical.Bandit

    Deer Dear by Kate Micucci

    not me but about the cutest thing ive seen in a bit
  2. Pharmaceutical.Bandit

    Are My Kala Red Concert Strings the Right Ones?

    anyone got a set lying around? or have a set on their concert ukulele? i bought a set of them on monday and since i was with a friend when i purchased them, i didnt bother taking a look at what was inside the package. i simply purchased, got in my car, and went to lunch with my friend. while...
  3. Pharmaceutical.Bandit

    My first video ever

    Death Cab's "i will follow you into the dark" don't be too harsh. started playing in sep 08!
  4. Pharmaceutical.Bandit

    The Great Ukulele Underground Weight Loss Challenge 2009!!!

    So, with the new year, there are always lots of people who make the resolution to shed some poundage. I figured this challenge would be awesome in helping everyone(INCLUDING MYSELF!) stay on point! I got this idea from another forum i used to read. ( i think this would be...