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  1. itsscottwilder

    Geared peghed tuners

    Where's the best place to get a fair price for these? Thanks!!!
  2. itsscottwilder

    Any builders willing to do a tenor A/E under $1000?

    I have no complaints about the production ukes out there. But I would like to have one made expressly for me. I don't make money with music and I'm not looking for any major one-off customizations. I know know some builders here will be offended that I can only budget $1000, but that's all I...
  3. itsscottwilder

    Where does one buy a Dominator Uke?

    Is there a website or ebay store?
  4. itsscottwilder

    Wound Low G

    So I tried a wound low G like the Mya-Moe video suggested and after a few days I just don't like it. The wound string sound too different from the rest of the strings tonally. To my ears it just stopped sounding like a ukulele. Back to re-entrant tuning for me!
  5. itsscottwilder

    Picture: teaching my niece some Katy Perry

    E.T. if I'm not mistaken.
  6. itsscottwilder

    Wife is getting in on the Uke action!

    Just ordered her the blue burst Dolphin package after she asked me to show her how to play Jesus Loves Me on the Uke.
  7. itsscottwilder

    Best (cheapest) time to visit Hawaii???

    Thinking of a vacation there in 2013 or 2014. What time of year is cheapest to go?
  8. itsscottwilder

    Ukulele Weekly Ep.4 is up!!! Enjoy!
  9. itsscottwilder

    Those stomp pedals to sound like kick drums

    Anyone have a link to those?
  10. itsscottwilder

    Lanikai w/ pickup w/out cutaway

    Looks like almost all the lanikai models with pickups are cutaways models. Wassup with that?
  11. itsscottwilder

    Is my right hand technique really bad....

    or do you think the laptop mic simply isn't flattering?
  12. itsscottwilder

    How does set up help intonation up the neck?

    The big drawback to most uke bridge designs is they don't take into consideration that string gauge affects intonation. But adjustable bridge saddles seems like overkill (Although one company is adding this very feature to their ukes this year) I think a middle ground is to do like some...
  13. itsscottwilder

    Anyone like Samick Ukes?

    the UK70B baritone in particular? Samick doesn't get talked about much.
  14. itsscottwilder

    Uke Popularity

    Do you think it's due to guys like Jake, Aldrine, and James or because of Jason Mraz, Train and Eddie Vedder?
  15. itsscottwilder

    teaching a total beginner

    let's say you're teaching someone who knows nothing about music or uke. What's the first things you teach them? A few notes? A few chords? An easy song? If so, which song?
  16. itsscottwilder

    Custom Inlays

    Let's say I had an idea for a crazy custom inlay one off idea. Is there someone who specializes in those requests for uke fingerboards? How much would I expect to pay?
  17. itsscottwilder

    Izzy's Ukulele Adventure for free!

    Great children's book!
  18. itsscottwilder

    Does anyone have kamaka tenor in stock?

    Or is it basically get your name on a list and wait? I'm not buying one. Just curious.
  19. itsscottwilder

    Song suggestions

    Trying to get my own Uke song book going What songs would you cover from Early 80's MTV era music?
  20. itsscottwilder

    Tired of Tabs Rant

    rant deleted because you can't offer an opinion w/out every offended party letting you know how offended they were