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    Jake's grand ukulele full album stream.

    Jake shimabukuro posted the whole thing on you tube:
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    Went to a wedding Saturday...

    At my dad's cousin's wedding they played iz's somewhere over the rainbow in the picture presentation during the after party. Was a really nice night and the music really added to the atmosphere.
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    Today is not my day.

    Earlier I tried to record a video, did about five takes and three were al right. Being the genius I am i thought lets delete those 5 because I think I can do better. Then what happens I have no footage and I am in the middle of a recording going well and the battery dies. If that wasnt enough...
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    Which makalas have they stopped making?

    I have recently heard that some makala models are no longer being made. I am not sure if i have just gone looney or if they have stopped making some models. And if so what models have they stopped making.
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    Why do so mny hate the baritone?

    When i started ukulele i thought of the baritone as the oddball and thought i would never get one. However, i am now planning to buy one. What i wonder is why so many people dislike the baritone. I know it has a different tuning and its not traditional, but why does it still get hate. Unless...
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    Applause uae 148 opinions?

    I do not yet own a ukulele with a pick up and would like to purchase one. I hear a lot of good stuff about this uke but they are hard to get in the UK. If someone could give me pros and cons and advice on if its worth getting that would be very helpful. Or if you could it would be really good if...
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    Tuning down?

    Does anyone now how far i can tune the strings down befor they start to sound awful. Especially the low g how far down can it go before it is unplayable. Would i be able to tune the low g down to a low E or F?
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    Electric guitalele?

    Has anyone done one yet. It would be cool to have a solid body one.
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    Sungha jung what more can i say hes a genius.
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    Opinions on ibanez jem 555?

    I have had my ibanez SG now for four years and it was my first ever musical instrument. However, it is my only electric therefore i am looking for a new one. This summer i will be getting a job and will be saving up for a used ibanez jem 555. Has anyone played or does anyone own a jem 555. I...
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    Vintage ukulele help

    The only ukes that i currently own are ones that i bought new. For a while now i have been intrested in buying a vintage uke to play some of ukes from history. Can anyone recommend how to seek out good vintage ukuleles that are not fake and what kind of price ranges there are. Thanks in advance...
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    My new kala tenor lacewood ukulele

    Here is some new pictures of my kala. Lol dont mind the pink blanket my sisters room has better lighting.
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    My new kala tenor lacewood ukulele

    I never thought I would like this uke but in person it looks so much better. Picetures really dont do this uke justice. The wood is really nice and the headstock looks lovely. I am really happy with this uke and remember that these pictures dont do the uke justice.
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    MIssed you guys.

    Havent been active recently because i have been doing a lot of end of year exams. I have just finished school and am about to go on holiday for two day but when i get back i will be posting regurly again. And i will post up photos of my new kala which i was meant to do 2 weeks ago but the...
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    New uke tomorrow!

    Cant wait till tomorrow it will be my first solid wood uke yay. I was meant to have it today on my birthday but the case was delayed and i dont want to pick it tup without a case. Its a kala tenor lacewood and i cant wait. Ill post pics when i get it.
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    Why the uke is awesome?

    I just had this idea to make a list of why we all think the uke is awesome. So what we are are going to do is all state one reason why the uke is awesome to you. I will start: 1. A beginner friendly instrument but appealing to more advanced players at the same time.
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    Sungha Jung on the uke once again! Enjoy!
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    Ashbury ukuleles?

    My birthday is next month and im deciding on what ukulele to get. The local shop says they have Ashburys between £200-250 which is my price range. Does anyone have any experiences with ukuleles form Ashbury and would you recommend one?
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    Instant messager

    I thought it would be cool to have an instant messager on the forum. So we can talk with other members.
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    Steel String Ukulele?

    I have heard that steel strings on a normal uke will have to much tension. But i have seen steel ukulele strings on sale before. Does anyone know any ukuleles that can be strung with steel strings?