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  1. Croaky Keith

    Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

    Yep, it's been a while, but I see the stalwarts are still here......... :D Found my log in details again, so thought I'd pop back in & have a look around..... :) I might even dust off those old ukes of mine...... ;) Hope everyone is keeping well.
  2. Croaky Keith

    Harmonica kit...

    Are you sure he wants to stay with diatonics(?), you can get a decent chromatic around the £150 mark, which will have all the notes & incidentals, (sharps/flats). I'd ask him what interests him in his harmonica playing, that would then give you a better clue as to what to buy. Also, I'd advise...
  3. Croaky Keith

    Favorite Sports?

    I'm OK, Dick, just getting back to getting out & about after the Covid lockdowns - gotta retrain the muscles.... ;) Never too old - but the body may not be willing.......feeling my age a bit lately too. :D
  4. Croaky Keith

    Favorite Sports?

    I'm now into kick scooting, looks a bit like cycling, but is more like running, without the stress on your joints. :)
  5. Croaky Keith

    The 'super'/'long neck' thread.

    Just for something to do, I thought I'd start this thead, to see who/how many own such instruments, what they like about them, etc. So, if you have one, & would like to discuss it/them with other like minded people, this is the place. :music:
  6. Croaky Keith

    Food Forum

    I'd ask one of the moderators - if lots of recipes got posted under one thread title it will get very messy very quickly - they may be able to start a 'Food' specific forum under 'General' - worth a try at least.
  7. Croaky Keith

    Kick scooter owners...

    Hi all, I've just become the proud owner of my first adult kick scooter, (at the age of 70 ;) ) - a Swifty Zero.... :cool: Anyone else use a kick scooter?
  8. Croaky Keith

    Farewll Friends.

    Farewell Friends. Seems like UU is to be no more, or at least, as we have known it. :( I will now have to try & find another forum to converse on about ukes - so unless we meet on another forum - I'd just like to say that it has been a pleasure to have known you all, & wish you well for the...
  9. Croaky Keith

    Seasons Greetings 2019

    May I take this opportunity of wishing all my Seasonista friends, & new Seasonistas, a Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year. :music:
  10. Croaky Keith

    Ukulele Hats

    Always thought you'd styled yourself after Acker Bilk....
  11. Croaky Keith

    Artiphon Instrument One review

    Never heard of this before. looks interesting, anyone tried one. :cool:
  12. Croaky Keith

    SotU 386 - Songs of the Seventies

    As I am about to enter into my seventieth year :old: I though this would be an appropriate title for this week. :smileybounce: Songs of the Seventies So, my usual rules will be in force this week. :rulez: (Midnight Hawiian time Sunday to next Sunday same time.) No prizes...
  13. Croaky Keith

    Looper pedals - how useful?

    I'm contemplating a looper pedal, but will it be worth the money? I'm not that good at playing, & a lousy singer, but feel that I need something to add to my playing/recording for the Seasons threads, (& possibly other forums). ;) (Looking at this one in particular -...
  14. Croaky Keith

    Season 373 - Single Word Titles

    Very simple theme this week - Single Word Titles. :cool: Nothing but single word titles, no spaces, no hyphens. ;) I've been away a while as most of you know, & am somewhat 'rusty', but here's one from me to start it off. Playlist...
  15. Croaky Keith

    Low D Whistle

    Just bought one myself & am curious if anyone else has/plays one? (Trying to get to grips with the 'pipers grip'.)
  16. Croaky Keith

    Ok show me your ukulele collection,,, I wanna see 😁😁😁

    Here are mine. :) The tenor scales Kala KA-T - Ohana SK30L - Ohana CK35L - KoAloha Opio Clearwater Electric - RISA Uke Ellie - RISA Solid The concert scales Kala Acacia - Baton Rouge Sun - Baton Rouge Hotrod - Kala KA-CEME Mahalo Surfboard Electric - Ohana SK30M - RISA Solid - Kala KA-SLNG...
  17. Croaky Keith

    Season 351 - Life Cycle

    OK, folks, here's next weeks themes...... Sunday => Birth Monday => Childhood Tuesday => Teenage Wednesday => Courtship Thursday => Marriage Friday => Breakups/Divorce Saturday => Death/Dying 2nd Sunday => any of the previous themes. I was going to try & get Wandering Star recorded to...
  18. Croaky Keith

    Seasons 343 "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly"

    Gina's watching.......
  19. Croaky Keith

    Sotu 330 "furniture, fixtures & fittings"

    Cut out the middle man.......