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  1. SoloRule

    New fingerstyle tabs

    Thank you. You are the best.
  2. SoloRule

    A place in the sun by Stevie Wonder

    Played on my custom built pocket size uke.
  3. SoloRule

    Rod Stewart- Sailing - instrumental

    it My cover of Rod Stewart- Sailing. Thank you for watching.
  4. SoloRule

    The Last Waltz - instrumental

    Thank you for watching.
  5. SoloRule

    My Way - instrumental

    This Ukulele was custom built for Corey Fujimoto. He sold it to me 2 years ago when I was not in the market for another uke especially not a flamed maple . It becomes one of my favourites. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING.
  6. SoloRule

    California Dreaming - instrumental

    I have not posted video here in a while Just thought this one may worth posting. Thank you for watching.
  7. SoloRule

    Speak Softly Love

    Happy Valentine’s Day
  8. SoloRule


    Wishing everyone a happy holiday even during this crazy time . We should still try to find a bit of happiness somehow. For me is more time to play my music! Stay safe ! Hope 2021 brings us back to some normalcy!
  9. SoloRule

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow - low G

    I am told I can't call myself a ukulele player until I play this song. Hope you like it.
  10. SoloRule

    Sweet memories - instrumental

    Thank you for watching.
  11. SoloRule

    SMILE 2020 - solo

    This seems like a popular song during the Covid 19 pandemic since Lady Gargar sang it at the One World: Together At Home concert. Hope you like my rendition!!
  12. SoloRule

    How Deep is Your Love

    This is the easy version of How Deep is Your Love !
  13. SoloRule

    Let It Be - instrumental

    I think this song is appropriate for this time of uncertainty although it was written so many years ago.
  14. SoloRule

    Yesterday- DH6

    It has been months since I played my six strings. I feel sad that this doesn’t belong to a uke. Doesn’t belong to Guitarlele ( because it’s longer scale than a guitarlele ) although it’s a standard guitar tuning it doesn’t belong to guitar either. It’s a child born with the wrong DNA.
  15. SoloRule

    Make It With You - Bread (instrumental)

    I really like music from the 70’s. Here is another one back to memories lane.
  16. SoloRule

    A Japanese Love Song - instrumental

    I supposed to be in Japan this week. I decided to learn a Japanese song just to cheer myself up .... starting to have cabin fever. The closest translation to the song title is 'Unfinished Love Song'. Music is a universal language, hope you enjoy the tune as much as I do.
  17. SoloRule

    Tonight you belong to me

    Getting really bored from the self isolation. Just thought I make a new video to keep my mind occupied with something other than the news. Stay safe everyone !
  18. SoloRule

    "Saturday Sun" w/ Guitalele in B-to-B reentrant tuning

    Second photo shows the top end is solid. No opening at the top!
  19. SoloRule

    Carpenter- Rainy days and Mondays - instrumental

    Rainy days still get me down but Mondays no longer depressing ! Monday is a new beginning now! :)