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  1. Howlin Hobbit

    chords for Buster Keaton

    Does anyone have the chords for the Curtis Eller song, Buster Keaton? Craig Robertson did a great version of it some time back and the song just haunts me. The chords seem to be simple, but I can't figure them out. Thanks in advance for any clues!
  2. Howlin Hobbit

    What every ukulele performer needs

    this is my friend salamandir and his C tuba. we're busking at Pike Place Market in the pic. (apparently you can post a pic here, it just needs a click or tap to embiggify it.) everybody should be lucky enough to have their own sal! I sometimes get the feeling that so many uke folk get so...
  3. Howlin Hobbit

    I was going to humblebrag on my new song...

    ...and I'll get to it eventually, but something else came up. I got a gig lead (yay me) and sent her a link to one of my videos. I think it's a good one, but it's gotten miniscule total plays so I thought I would spread it around a bit. If you like it, you could spread the word too. (if you...
  4. Howlin Hobbit

    allow me to re-introduce myself

    as a senior member on the site, I'm not exactly your average new user. but it's been so long since I've been here that I thought a fresh intro would be called for. I've been "serious" about the ukulele for 15 or so years. I still play other instruments, but uke is my main hatchet.. (it's too...
  5. Howlin Hobbit

    HH and Black March

    in order to celebrate Black March, in which you are encouraged to eschew the major labels in favor of indie folk like me (and many others!) and, to hopefully encourage you to sign up for my mailing list and/or buy my new CD, I have opened up the "fans only" area of my site to the public for the...
  6. Howlin Hobbit

    New CD release today

    I just released another EP today called Taking The Plunge. It's 7 songs from a cache of older recordings, at least some of which were out in the wild as spottily mastered, low-res mp3s at one point or another. This means that some of you may have some of them buried somewhere on your computer...
  7. Howlin Hobbit

    please help me choose a promo picture

    In keeping with my 2011 theme of "more solo ukulele please" I'm putting together my first solo promo pack in more years than I want you young whippersnappers to know. :-) I've recently had a huge number of photos taken and I've winnowed them down to 7 "finalists." I'd love for my friends, fans...
  8. Howlin Hobbit

    National soprano reso for sale

    I have all the details (plus lots of pics) on my blog. I'm doing it this way because there's a lot of details and I want one place where any conversation about it takes place (rather than having to check a lot of boards over and over). I have set up a special email addy in the blog entry for...
  9. Howlin Hobbit

    Accidentals? (another chord theory question)

    And can be found right there on your circle of fifths. If you jump from C to E and then step backwards (i.e. anti-clockwise) you'll see that very progression. I spend half my playing time doing something like that. :-)
  10. Howlin Hobbit

    new video of a friend's tune

    Earlier today I posted a new video, covering my friend Jim Nason's tune, For An Old Man. All the gory details are in my blog entry if you're curious.
  11. Howlin Hobbit

    Are you a solo uke act in the Puget Sound area?

    I'd like to see a regular evening of uke-centric acts here in my 'hood. In order to make this happen, I've been planning a "Ukulele Soirée"* for some time now. My goals have been two-fold: first, introduce the concept to the folks in this (and neighboring) town(s). Second: make sure that in...
  12. Howlin Hobbit

    He Might Be A Vampire

    Probably by now any of you who wanted to see the video has seen it, but since I hadn't stopped by UU since uploading it -- and boy, have I had to do a lot of catch up reading! -- I thought I'd post it here: Original tune, comes complete with...
  13. Howlin Hobbit

    The long delayed drawing

    Hiyas! I'm nearly back online and stuff! The nearly 4 month delayed drawing for the underbridge pickup is finally done! Check it out, especially if you're one of the entrants. I hope to be somewhat less of a stranger in the near future. Keep on strummin'!
  14. Howlin Hobbit

    Field Recording #13

    This is me in the wee hours of the morning after watching Baby Gramps and the Mad Tea Party. I had been awake for 20+ hours and was somewhat lit from having drink taken. But I managed to get through it. It's at the main entrance to the Pike Place Market and was recorded by Ami of the MTP...
  15. Howlin Hobbit

    Snake Suspenderz in experiment mode

    For a while now Snake Suspenderz has been releasing free mp3s of tunes we record live at rehearsals, our "rehearsal tapes" series. This month we decided to get a little fancy and have not only released a new mp3 but we also made a video of the recording. Check out the lurid details here. And...
  16. Howlin Hobbit

    "May-Be I'll Go Electric" contest

    This month's drawing on my site is for a piezo underbridge pickup. Check out the details here. Thanks much to Mainland Ukuleles for the spif prize!
  17. Howlin Hobbit

    Chord software for Palm PDAs

    If you're using a Palm PDA (even an old one) there's an app called Fretboard that does a great job as a "pocket chord dictionary" as well as showing scales or just where a given single note falls on the fretboard. Works for a bunch of instruments, including ukulele. Details on my blog. Oh...
  18. Howlin Hobbit

    Drawing the winner of the digital tuner

    I just posted up a video of me drawing the winner of the digital tuner. There'll be a new drawing for May announced on my blog in a day or so (hopefully later today). Cool, more ukulele-specific prize for May.
  19. Howlin Hobbit

    New sopranino video

    I just recently posted a video of the song Sausage from the Snake Suspenderz latest CD. I'm playing it on my Ohana sopranino. You can check it out here. As a bonus, I've embedded a player with the full band version. Such a deal!
  20. Howlin Hobbit

    Win a digital tuner!

    Howlin' Hobbit dot com and Ohana Ukuleles are sponsoring a drawing for a chromatic clip-on tuner. Go here for the details. Note: This is a good one for those of you who can't or don't want to record an mp3 or a video for a chance to win something.