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  1. benmealer

    Snap Strum? :eek:
  2. benmealer

    Spanky Banjo Ukes? So pretty!

    I just stumbled across these banjo ukes and thought I'd share. They're pretty pricy, but just look at them.
  3. benmealer

    A1 "Sing For Your Beef" win a years worth of steak!

    Just saw this. Maybe someone's interested. Write a song about A1 or sing a karaoke song about A1.
  4. benmealer

    Nearness of You

    Spent a little more time thinking this one out than I usually do:
  5. benmealer

    I'll See You in My Dreams cover, anyone else around here do this song?

    Just posted my newest cover and I was wondering if anyone else on here has one recorded. I'd like to see it.:anyone:
  6. benmealer

    Anyone ever play a STYLOPHONE?

    I just picked up a stylophone today, but one of the keys won't work so I have to return it tommorow. Seems like fun, though. I'll put a link for anyone that doesn't know what a sylophone is. this guy's pretty good on one...
  7. benmealer

    Played my first open mic on Friday

    It was lots of fun. I was really nervous. My leg was shaking so much that I had to keep a beat with it to stop it from looking crazy. It didn't go bad, but I need to work on my banter with the people and I couldn't really look at the crowd too much because of nerves. I know it will get better...
  8. benmealer

    Where Did You Sleep Last Night

    here's our newest one :nana:
  9. benmealer

    MCTRMT is a lolcat!

    you got your wish. congratulations!
  10. benmealer

    500 miles - The Proclaimers

    here's my newest video and probably my highest pitched singing yet!
  11. benmealer

    Jaming w/ Ukulele, Sax, Guitar, and Conga

    This is all very unpolished, but it's only our first time playing together. Had a blast! Sweet Georgia Brown: Gnarles Barkley - Crazy: Ain't no Sunshine, Make it Rain:
  12. benmealer

    My girl Deached me!

    ...and it felt great! I woke up today to the best and most unexpected birthday present ever. She sneakily mailed Deach to see which one I wanted. Thanks Deach! (and thanks Damares, but she'll never read this) I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it...
  13. benmealer

    More Than Words I changed the chords I found to make it easier for me to play. They may be way off. G C Saying i love you Am D C G is not the words i want to hear from you G C it's not that i want to Am...
  14. benmealer

    1st time singing backup for myself and 1st devil dog!

    any critical comments would be welcome! (and not critical ones too!)
  15. benmealer

    While My Keytar Gently Weeps

    Just stumbeled upon this. Seems like a popular song on the uke. Thought this version was sort of cool...
  16. benmealer

    I'll be there for you - Bon Jovi (in my UU shirt!)

    Went to Nobu's today and we recorded four songs. Thanks again for the shirt Deach! Bon Jovi - I'll Be There For You The Mercy Seat, Johnny Cash / Nick Cave Don Edwards - Coyotes...
  17. benmealer

    A song for my goddaughter and her sister

    Just made this one for the girls. It's called the Car Song by Woody Guthrie...
  18. benmealer

    My first youtube videos (Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan)

    Just recorded my first videos for youtube. Feedback (good or bad) is welcome and encouraged. Hopefully we didn't butcher these songs too bad. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright - Bob Dylan Make It Rain - Tom Waits...
  19. benmealer

    uke store in nyc?

    Hey, just wondering if anyone here that lives around new york knows of a good store in the city to buy ukuleles or good strings:rock:
  20. benmealer

    req:Sunny by Bobby Hebb?

    I love this song and have been looking all over for tabs or chords and cant find anything. Figured it wouldnt hurt to try my luck here. thx:music: