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  1. generem

    Koaloha Concert For Sale

    Selling a Koaloha Concert Date Stamped May 09 for a Friend. It was bought brand New from Island Legends in Torrance, CA around July last year. He decided to learn the acoustic guitar instead. Asking $625. shipped to lower 48 states. This thing is awesome. I've borrowed it for the last 2...
  2. generem

    WTB a Baritone

    Hi All I have this nagging desire for a Baritone. I've actually lost sleep over it.. Always at MGMs site looking at what he has. Before I end up buying a new one, thought I'd try to see if someone has a used one I can buy so... If anyone is looking to unload one. please let me know what...
  3. generem

    Hey I found one of my vid on a different uke site

    I was in search to find new tabs for uke when I came across I went to the tabs section and found one of my vids... My cover of Hey Soul Sister by train was the vid to accompany the tabs they have up and thought.. Thats pretty cool :) Just wanted to share.. Just incase...
  4. generem

    A new vid posted on YT Cover of replay by Iyaz

    Let me know what you think
  5. generem

    A couple of Cover vids with my 3 yr old son

    1st time testing out the Shure PG58 Mic, Vox D10 combo.. Was messin around by myself in the room and my son wanted to join. So we started playing around and the wife came in with a camera. These are single takes. I tried to sing as quite as possible but I guess I was too close to the camera...
  6. generem

    Death in the Family

    Sorry to be a downer guys but I just had to put this somewhere so since this forum is my home away from home, it would be the best place for me to post My wifes Aunt passed away today after fighting Lung Cancer for the last 2 years. She never smoked but her husband did.. she developed a mild...
  7. generem

    I want a Mic for my Amp. Is the Shure PG58 worth it?

    Hi All So I've been having alot of fun with the new pickup and amp so now I want to try and record thru the amp for both uke and vocals. After a bit of research, I think I want to get the Shure PG58. Does anybody else have any other recommendation in the price range? Its gonna be for vocals...
  8. generem

    Any thoughts or experience with Line 6 Micro Spyder

    Hi all, I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with the line 6 micro spyder amp. I was considering the Vox DA5 but saw this for the same price at Guitar Center.. Tried to do some research but cant really find much.. So im turning to you all. Got the Mi-Si installed and currently...
  9. generem

    Need opinion on where to get a Mi-Si pick up installed

    Hey all.. Need your opinion. I broke down and ordered a mi-si pickup for my koaloha ukulele. Im too freaked out about drilling a hole in my uke so I've decided to get it installed. I called McCabe's guitar shop and spoke to a guy that said that he's never installed a misi setup before but...
  10. generem

    Hey Soul Sister Cover

    Alright peeps. I just uploaded a quick vid of me covering Hey Soul Sister by Train.. Its been stuck in my head so I figured I'd give it a go.. Just a quick one. This was the 2nd take.. So please be kind :)...
  11. generem

    Fluke Concert with bag for Sale or Trade

    Hi All I've got a Fluke COncert for Sale or Trade. Sounds great but I think Im more of a tenor kinda guy. Currently strung up with Aquilas So I'm looking for Tenor size trade. preferably with a pick up.. Maybe I'll consider another concert so let me know what you have OR $125 plus...
  12. generem

    $1150 for a Kamaka Soprano

    Is this 54-59 Kamaka Soprano really worth $1150? Just wanted to share
  13. generem

    Kamaka HF3 For Sale

    I really really really dont want to sell this but I dont really have much choice. Need the $$$ for unexpected expenses. Kamaka HF-3 strung with Worth Browns. Included is a foam style hard case. Let me know if you want better pics.. This baby has no dings. Always kept in case humidified...
  14. generem

    Today is my 1yr Anniversary of picking up the ukulele

    A year ago today, I picked up my 1st uke at Lahaina Music in Maui... Cant believe Its already been a year. I am more inlove with this instrument today than ever before... I can honestly say that the uke has been a positive change in my life. I am a clamer person, have a better appreciation...
  15. generem

    Not Uke related but wanted to share this talented young man I found on YT Hes awesome
  16. generem

    Anyone ever heard or own a "locals" ukulele for a CL post

    Found this CL listing for a Solid Koa uke brand "locals" Anyone own of heard of it? Looks pretty nice
  17. generem

    Melokia Tenor and All the Small things cover

    Finally got the action on the new tenor the way I like it. Installed Worth Clears. While breaking in the new strings I decided to record another vid since... well I was bored. I quick cover of Blink 182 All the small things and also a sound test of the new uke... I was just having fun so...
  18. generem

    Got me an Early B-day Present

    So.. I like being able to bring a uke where ever I go but I feel un-easy lugging around my Kamaka or Koaloha. So I decided that for my bday, I wanted to buy an inexpensive Tenor that I can throw in my car where ever I go and I not feel too bad if it gets dinged and scratch. Found this Solid...
  19. generem

    Aldrine Guerrero in Huntington Beach

    Just wanted to know who are planning to go to the Tuesday August 11th Jam with Aldrine in HB. I know the info is already posted on the Gigs and Shows forum but wanted to start a Roll Call here so we know who we can expect to be there. Im very excited to meet my fellow UU members in person...
  20. generem

    Jake in Glendora California

    Hey all SoCal'ers Dont know if this has been posted but Jake Shimabukuro is gonna be at Citrus College in Glendora Nov 22, 09 Awesomeness... Here is a link