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    Bending iron

    I used a piece of aluminum baseball bat that I got at Goodwill for $3. It had a small dent in it that didn't make any difference.
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    Hit a nail

    I don't know if this would work or not Ken, but could you cut the bad part out and reweld the blade? Just wondering.
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    Hibdon Hardwood monthly special

    Hibdon is having ukulele wood sets as their monthly luthier special. Check it out.
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    How do you inlay the head of the neck bolt inside the box?

    I've searched and can't come up with anything. The top is glued to the sides and the bolt hole is drilled, I would like to set the bolt head about an 1/8 inch into the neck block. How do folks do that? Thanks.
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    Purfling channel

    When cutting a separate channel for purflings how deep can I cut? The top will only be about 1/16 thick, should I go half of that, or more? When I have cut binding channels in the past sometimes I expose the linings. Can I do that with purflings on the top? They will be shop made purflings by...
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    Another banjo uke question

    I'm going to make the fretboard 1 1/2 inches at the nut including binding, but can't find anything about how wide to make it where it meets the body. I'm thinking 1 3/4. Does this sound about right? It will have 17 frets and is concert scale. Thanks, Doug
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    Banjo Uke rim depth

    I'm in the planning stage of a banjo uke build and would like to know how deep a wooden banjo uke rim is. Could someone measure theirs and post the results? Thanks. Doug