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  1. King David

    NUD Godin Multiuke

    I think, no - know, a TC Electronics BodyRez is exactly what that pickup needs. This fixes all piezo equipped instruments that have this problem actually. It doesn’t do any good for nicer top of the line dual system (mic + piezo) guitar pickups though but they don’t exist for ukulele anyways...
  2. King David

    Gigbag for thin body electric tenors?

    Thank you! This looks to be what I will have to do. Sorry for being snappy. It just amazes me nobody's thought of this. I would take an electric Kala Ubass gig bag but even they don’t have one of those only a bulky acoustic ubass gigbag. Flight has electrics that come with a blue Flight gigbag...
  3. King David

    Gigbag for thin body electric tenors?

    I have money, I want to buy one, I don’t want to mod one or settle for anything less. I don’t know how else say this….if you don’t know of one then don’t post. Maybe it doesn’t exist, seems crazy and if so I think I’m going into the gigbag business
  4. King David

    Gigbag for thin body electric tenors?

    I’m really looking for something that is sized for a tenor uke body though I don’t want my premium uke moving around at all. Anyone know anything like this exist? I know Kala had a basic black gigbag that fit the tenor travel sized slim body acoustic but they don’t make those anymore and it was...
  5. King David

    Gigbag for thin body electric tenors?

    True about in house gigbags coming default with the purchase. Not the case here as mine came with a nice hardshell and they don’t make gigbags. As I said in the OP I have a regular gigbag, I don’t want to make due there’s way too much room in there and it moves all around - also need it to be...
  6. King David

    Gigbag for thin body electric tenors?

    There are a lot of nice gigbags out there but I haven’t found any specifically that fit the thin body type of electric tenors. Think Pono TE, Ko’olau CE, and electric tenors with humbucker type pickups. Anybody know of any nice ones? I wish Mono made an electric uke case like they do with...
  7. King David

    I don't think this is cool at all

    What a scum bag, and now he is sucking the life out the ‘ukulele world and the Aloha spirit. Hawaii don’t ever let this man into your islands! This is the type of Haole that would try and buy your real estate just to sell it back to you for tenfold. Gives us caucasians an even more already bad...
  8. King David

    Sold Ko'olau Custom, Rare Wood - Let's Give Them Something to Talk About!

    I would encourage him to sell it if he has even considered it in the first place. Not everybody knows but Rhiggie over the years has had the pleasure of buying and selling some of the nicest ukes so his discernment for nuisances in sound and what he does/doesn’t like I assure you is dialed in...
  9. King David

    Acquired Mono M80 Vertigo Tenor Ukulele Case / Gigbag

    Thank you! Good luck with your says Rhiggie
  10. King David

    Acquired Mono M80 Vertigo Tenor Ukulele Case / Gigbag

    I don’t have any more uke funds presently (copped a BB tenor in the marketplace), but feel free to throw that custom Ko’olau in there 😹 Here’s what the vertigo looks like (I want that one because it’s top loading, all black, and slightly smaller dimentions for overhead bins):
  11. King David

    Acquired Mono M80 Vertigo Tenor Ukulele Case / Gigbag

    Looking for a deal on a used Mono M80 Vertigo Tenor Ukulele Case / Gigbag. PM me if you have one you’d part with.
  12. King David

    PayPal question

    So dumb! Never understood why people especially in this community are personal crusaders for Paypal STILL to this day, even when there are many other reputable forms of accepting payment WITH NO FEES (Zelle connected to your bank, and Venmo to name a few). And don’t mention for the “buyer...
  13. King David

    Please, somebody buy this

    A “shill” buyer AND seller. You guys are tripping. And I thought I was paranoid.. it’s! I messaged the seller earlier. They are selling off their personal collection, they are all listed, and once they sell there will no be no more ever listed again. It is an old model from many...
  14. King David

    Empty cases - fill them or sell them?

    You can still ship cases USPS Parcel Select and turn a buck. Just let your buyer know beforehand it could be 8+ business days (aka 2 weeks) before it arrives.
  15. King David

    Is Loud Better ?

    “What’s the BEST pickup available to run into a banjo?” “A Ford F-150…”
  16. King David

    New Klos Concert Uke

    I doubt it will be in the same league. Like the old model Blackbird BTU vs the Klos “all carbon” tenor (pretty sure Klos wedges foam inbetween layers of carbon fiber). “You get what you pay for.”
  17. King David

    No longer available 0

    no longer needed
  18. King David

    Acquired WANTED: Ko’olau CE Thinbody Electric

    Anyone have a Ko’olau CE thinbody tenor electric ukulele they are not plugging in much or using? I already have the little brother Pono TE-B in all black, but need something with more headroom/direct in tone for amateur open mic hosts and sound guys.
  19. King David

    No longer available (CLOSED) Wanted: Cole Clark Jack Tenor

    I’m going to close and pass on this one after exchanging emails with the CEO of Cole Clark. For anyone considering spending money on one of these: Re: Internal rechargeable battery going bad Re: For those that lost the charger or it didn’t come with one
  20. King David

    I don't think this is cool at all

    You can't make this up! From the cool guy real estate glasses (immediately taken off after the video started), to the life insurance agent tacky hand movement/gestures with the loaded pick-up-artist Nuero-Lingustic Programming weasel phrases, to the Got-2-Be-GLUed spikey wannabe Sugar Ray...