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    Want a higher end Baritone, but don't want "deluxe"

    Eyedoc is great source for choosing a baritone. For myself, Other than my custom baris, the best baritone at a great price were my old vintage Favillias and early Gianinnis. They all had a deep bluesy smokey sound to them with wonderful necks. Ponos were okay but for myself, I didn't like the...
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    Backlog Should UU VIP membership block or minimize ads?

    appreciate all you do Tim. I'd surely pay more if it took the ads away. You've done a good job cleaning them up but still would prefer they be gone. Thanks for all you do.
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    Old Kamaka ukulele

    Double K headstock with white interior label started in1969. The seam separations were probably from being in the hot attic and the hide glue loosened up. Looks like a really simple fix for any luthier, no Guitar Center. Jake would be a great luthier to fix this or perhaps contact one more...
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    I want this played at my funeral

    I like it better than eating dog poop. A Baby Ruth candy bar looks like well.... poop. V you make my day when I see your posts. I used to think of an Irish woman as a gentle soul with a penchant for the taste of a bit of good Irish whiskey; much like my grandmother was. You show more like an...
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    The Raven Colony: Voran's diary

    Yeah motorcycles have a tendency to leave one with road rash in the least. I did a bike stunt doubling William Shatner that didn't end too well. Was told a couple weeks before the stunt not to go falling off anything by an old,old gypsy fortune reader. Wouldn't take any money from me cause she...
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    The Raven Colony: Voran's diary

    33? Dang, I have shoes that old.. Hang on; yep and I'm wearing them now!
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    Budget friendly(Mid/Range) Large Body Baritone Ukelele? or Tenor Guitar (DGBE)

    I had a large Pono Nui for a while, was a nice instrument but didn't like the carve of the neck so had this built by a local luthier; George E.Thomas in Bellingham, Washington. Also had a Circle Strings Tenor guitar I changed over to Chicago tuning with nylon strings. It sounded pretty faunky...
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    My AT Uke on Dusty Strings Website

    I called Dusty Strings and the uke is a tenor. Too bad as I'd like a baritone.
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    My AT Uke on Dusty Strings Website

    What scale is it Brad?
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    N (to me) UD. Chuck Moore "Pearl n' Curl" tenor

    Welcome to the MB family Rick. I am blessed having "Two Feathers"; a tenor named after one of my spiritual guides I met as a very young boy 4 years old. Chuck and his instruments are magical. With mine, Chuck found two feathers when he went to the shop to begin the build. One was in the...
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    Need song suggestions for retirement/nursing homes

    I used to have the lyrics to the set printed out so the residents could sing along. Paper is cheap and printed on both sides so would eave them there so as not to spread any possible viruses to other assisted facilities.
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    Need song suggestions for retirement/nursing homes

    I used to lead my group at assisted living facilities. I would reminisce, between songs, about what was happening during the time the song was written. Price of a home, yearly wages, gas, coffee etc.. Would always see smiles from the residents as they thought back to those times.
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    Please welcome new mod Tim!

    Welcome Tim, We fully appreciate all the time and energy you've taken so far to make the forum even more enjoyable.
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    Stiffest/highest tension uke strings

    A baritone is normally strung like the top four strings of a guitar;D>G>B>E. I prefer using a low D string. Some like unwound 3&4. I'm a guitarist too and like a wound 3&4. I use Thomastic-Infeld CF35 for the D, CF30 for the G, Savarez Alliance(K542R, K543R)or any flurocarbon unwound G string...
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    Carlo Ricordo ukulele - any info?

    I think the instrument is a cuatro. An instrument from Portugal that brought forth the design for the ukulele in the late 1800's when the Portuguese came to Hawaii. The top half of the veneer was due to the heavy strumming played by the musicians. Not sure if they were steel strung or not in...
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    Recovering Lost In A Daze

    Welcome home Johnny! Glad you made it thru.
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    Please be proud of me. I sang a high F.

    We're always proud of you V.!
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    What is your dream uke, what’s the “best” one you’ve played, and what uke has surprised you?

    I'm fortunate to have the brands I cherish no matter the cost. A big George E. Thomas baritone with a 23" scale, Brian Griffin tenors, Mo' Bettah tenor and Chennell archtop baritone One that really surprised me was a plastic Dolphin soprano I bought for my grand nephew. It really had a nice...
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    Did anyone see those D'angelico soprano archop ukuleles on HMS?

    Here's my TobyChennell archtop baritone. Takes either steel or nylon strings cause it has a floating bridge. Toby starts out with a 3/4" spruce top and maple back and hand carves the top and back.
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    In Progress Improve advertising relevancy (was: Advertising on UU)

    I get ads on the bottom of the thread page. Kind of pisses me off as I thought paying the subscription rate every year got rid of the advertising. Getting to the point of leaving the forum cause last thing I want to do is pay for ads on a forum. If my subscription is not up to date, I'd...