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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    Camping. I live in Montana and camp most weekends in the "summer". Our daytime/nightime temperature swings are pretty severe. Add the "campfire factor" (front of uke is extremely hot, back is much less so) and you could probably really mess up a nicer instrument. Add the "drinking whisky in...
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    Just a test - ignore this

    Trying to sort out a login issue.
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    Any tips for Kauai and Big Island in November?

    Wifey and I are taking 2 weeks in November to visit Kauai and the Big Island. We really haven't made solid plans yet (other than airfare to/from the mainland) but need to get our lodging figured out soon. Does anyone have suggestions for places to catch some live uke or slack key guitar music...
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    Anyone play Tahitian Uke?

    My first real life exposure to the uke was on my honeymoon in the Cooke Islands. A group of guys were playing them at the exit from the airport and also at different venues/events during out stay. I considered buying one but I had no music experience at the time and thought it would be a...
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    Herco humidifiers not working?

    With the sub-zero temps and the use of my woodstove I've been a little concerned* about my humidity levels recently. I have access to a industrial grade (near instant refresh rate) hygrometer through work and I brought it home to measure my RH levels. The house RH is around 31% to 33%. I have...
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    HOLY COW! Unexpected NUD

    I never thought I would make a NUD post. My orange Mahalo and Martin CK1 were already more ukes than my playing deserves. Then I bought that Kala on Maui a few years back. For sure that was more than enough. Then my dad called a few months ago. My step-sis, one of three who I hadn't met...
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    What to do on the Big Island?

    Long story but my dad and his wife are renting a house on Hawaii for 6 weeks and invited me to join them in September. I really need to see my dad due to some family issues but it's THE WORST time for me to take a vacation. So, I only have 5 non-travel days on the island. I've never been...
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    Me and Julio, where's the G and B7?

    Hi All, I'm trying to learn Me and Julio from Uke Minutes #71. Among the chords for the song, Aldrine lists G and B7 but I don't think he describes where they come in. I'm guessing that I can just throw 'em in someplace to liven things up but where in the strumming pattern do they appear...
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    Where to learn how to read music?

    Aloha! Does anyone have suggestions for a website or book that would teach a beginner (me) to read music staffs better? Or, to skip ahead, I have some uke music that shows the chords I need to strum and I can follow that pretty well until I get to the right side of the page and see those thick...
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    These Aquilas sound horrible on my new Uke. Normal?

    After deciding not risk buying my first nice uke during my HI vacation (I may pick up a fluke there, or at least a music book). I traded in my unused electric guitar...
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    Humidity - is it a bad idea to bring a HI uke to MT?

    Greetings All! I'm going to Hawaii for the first time in a couple months and was thinking that it would be a great time to buy my first "decent" uke to augment my $40 Mahalo soprano. The thing is that "home" is Montana. The humidity here regularly dips into the high 20s in the summer. It's...