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  1. J

    SOTU 579 That's Crackers!

    I'm back home and the challenges are easier to pull off. I used guitar rig 6 to get that synth pad sound on the pathfinder in case any geeks wanna know. :)
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    Season 577 - Jingles!

    Absolutely love the drawings. Thanks so much Joo!
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    my ukulele progress

    I'm currently in a rural area of the Philippines where everything is bamboo. I am going to see if I can bring home a large diameter chunk about a foot long and see if I can build a solid bamboo uke just to be able to say "Oh yes there ARE solid bamboo ukes!". Not sure I can. The big pieces are...
  4. J

    To the more experienced players - Have you held onto your first ukulele?

    I'm betting some do for sentiment even if they are not solid wood or name recognized pieces. I never hung on to any first instruments including guitar. bass and uke. A big difference in regret is time of purchase. My first guitar and bass would have been in the early 70's and now would have...
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    Season 577 - Jingles!

    Good challenge Joo! Here's a protest jingle. If you've been to the Philippines, you probably rode in a Jeepney at some point. They want to phase them out and go electric before people can afford it. (sounds familiar) Sherin's oldest brother is a Jeepney owner/driver in Manila and like a ton of...
  6. J

    Do any of you yodel?

    Great description and analysis. I read somewhere a good practice is imitating Scooby Doo whose voice requires jumping between head and chest. I may have to try it again. In my musical interest it fits with slap bass — something I like the sound of and wish I could do but may or may not use much.
  7. J

    Season 576 - "Dirty Dancing"

    No green screen out here in the province in Pampanga. Lots of dogs, motorcycles, great food and wonderful people. I checked thru a Lanakai Lu21T and a Keith Urban tenor and both survived. 11% humidity in Arizona, 65% humidity here probably makes the ukes happier in their new home. They still...
  8. J

    Done! Remove Profile Messages (was Profile Messages vs. Private Conversation)

    Remove is my vote. I'm totally capable of making the mistake of thinking it's a private message.
  9. J

    A humble tip for beginners

    I believe you have discovered where the idea for the Kala Waterman came from. Inspired by a heavy drinker on Kala's staff. I have guitars and ukes I consider "beaters" that I can take camping, leave anywhere or let anyone play. I guess there needs to be a category of "drinkers". Streamlined...
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    Empty cases - fill them or sell them?

    The humidifier tips the scale. It's a sign of almost religious proportions. Either start a cult or fill that case with a uke.
  11. J

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) for songwriting?

    I bet the unauthorised use of a voice that sounds exactly like someone or really close to it will be fair game in music production. It feels like courts would have to determine the amount of miniscule changes to a voice for it to still be legal. Musicians definitely do not have to work as hard...
  12. J

    SEASON 572 - All Of The Nights We’d Harmonise Til Dawn.

    I was thinking about doing "Because" as I think it's the Beatles best harmony display. I read up on it and found out those lush harmonies were 3 parts recorded 3 times and put on separate tracks to make for 9 voices. Too tough so I bailed but I used that idea only with 6 voices on this CSNY cover.
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    What did you do today? Anything hobby-related.

    That is a sweet portable setup and 200 watts is plenty for many situations. Congrats and have fun!
  14. J

    What did you do today? Anything hobby-related.

    Looks nice for something gathering dust. That's a cool case you made for it -- I would not have realized it was an add on. My experience with Carvin was tube stuff and would not have moved. It's still hard for me to wrap my head around 500 watt amps that are light.
  15. J

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) for songwriting?

    The reality of autotune hit me when I saw Emma Watson in the remake of Beauty and the Beast. Any actor can now be a lead singer in a musical. I'm not putting it down since it is used by every artist now and I personally use it in recordings but you really can't tell who has musical game...
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    What did you do today? Anything hobby-related.

    I'm curious what you are getting for a bass amp. I've been shocked in recent years how much lighter bass amps and powered PA heads have gotten. Giant bass rigs used to be the thing. I now have 500 watt Markbass Combo that has one 12" speaker and weighs 25lbs and it holds it's own well with loud...
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    Season 571 - Sampler Platter

    I've been doing the SOTU's for about a year now and amazed at the diversity of the challenges. This one was an interesting wake up. Steely Dan is one of my favorite bands and I had no idea how many times they have been sampled. (I remember hearing "Black Cow", that was it) This forced me to...
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    A guitar player interested in buying an ukulele

    I joined here a little over a year ago and shortly after got my first decent uke but had played guitar for 40+ years. The neck on Pono ukuleles is the best for me so far -- some complain it's too fat. I found tenor the most comfortable size -- the fret spacing on sopranos and concerts is harder...
  19. J

    Snow Globes'd have to find other uses to justify it although they are less than $200 nowadays. I've printed pickup covers, nuts, saddles, bridges, tuner knobs etc. for cigar box instruments. My current printing obsession is making shakers (like the commercial "egg" shakers) using the heads of a...
  20. J

    Snow Globes

    I'm just getting into 3d printing and had the same thought you did -- PLA would survive just fine in water. Thingiverse has a lego ukulele model and a bunch of others that could be scaled down.