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    Learning about electro-acoustic ukuleles

    Hi, guys, I currently play an acoustic aklot concert ukulele but as I go to open mic nights a lot, would like a ukulele I can plug into the sound system and would like one I can record into DAW's directly with MIDI rather than having to sit the ukulele next to the mic. Thing is, I don't know...
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    Working out a chord progression

    Hey y'all; I wrote a chord progression that made up the chorus of a lightly strummed, jazz inspired ukulele song that goes C, Cdim, Am Fm- some of these chords just feel out of place and I can't figure out which ones to replace others with. I really like the CDim chord though and would love to...
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    Mastering difficult chord changes

    Hi, there- I am mostly self taught and have managed to master most of the beginner chords (C,G, F Am, A, G7, G6, D7, A7 E7, Emin, Gmin,etc) and am moving on to more difficult chords that require more use of the left hand and am finding mastering the chord changes between the more difficult...
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    Haunting Blues: A new original song!

    Hey guys, back again with a new original song! This is a song titled haunting blues and is describing when a negative feeling that has previously plagued you that you thought you were free of comes back to bite you. This song features both ukulele and vocals, both provided by myself. The link...
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    Happy Easter to All!

    Searched for easter ukulele and this image popped up! Happy belated easter! -Lou
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    Something that happened: A new original song!

    Hey, guys- been a while since I've been on here but I am back with a new song on my youtube channel- this song is called, Something that Happened, and features both ukulele and voice. It's a mellow, jazz inspired piece that deals with when someone unintentionally hurts you by saying something...
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    Jazz chords?

    I really love singing and writing jazz inspired pieces of music and wondered if anyone had any uke chord suggestions to make a song more jazz inclined in it influence? Thanks for your help, -Lou
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    I can't escape the blues: A new original song

    Hey forum, it's been a while since I have posted anything here or on Youtube but I am back with a new song on my youtube channel. The link is here for anyone interested: This is an original piece which combines both voice and ukulele in a classic blues...
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    Breezy Nights on the Continent: A new original song

    Hey, forum, I am back again with another ukulele ballad, this one a little bit faster than previous that focuses on adventure and escaping reality. The link is here for anyone interested: Thanks so much, -AnonymousLou P.S. An added bonus for any...
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    Madness multiplied: An Original Uke Song

    Hey, forums, I have written another song on the ukulele called Madness Multiplied and posted it on my youtube channel here: The song is about a woman stuck between two dimensions in her pursuit of fantasy, where she believes she will find happiness...
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    'Desperate to Dream': A new original song by AnonymousLou Music

    Hi, my second ever youtube video is up! This one is another original ukulele ballad called 'Desperate to dream' which tells the story of an individual driven mad by their desire to succeed. If you'd like to check it out, the link is here: And for any...
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    The start of my journey

    Hi, I have been playing the ukulele for a short while now and have just started a youtube channel. My first song is up there which is a ukulele ballad all about easier times that I hope are to come in life. The link is here: if anyone is interested...