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    Decal Removal

    I was wondering if anyone has tried removing decals off of ukuleles. I have some makalas and have not tried yet but was curious if others had tried removal and how they did it? I was thinking of using water.
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    quatro not a ukulele?

    I got an email from Cordoba Guitars today and they have a new Guilele which looks to me a lot like the Yamaha Guitalele. I thought, meh, I am not really into that... but then I noticed this other thing on there called a Quatro which has 4 strings: Its...
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    digging the Mahalo Les Paul

    I got the UAS bug bad and did get a few cheapy ukuleles off amazon and musicians friend this week. Just got home from Norway and got three ukuleles that came in during my trip lol. Mahalo Les Paul in cherry sunburst and a Luna honu and a Makala pineapple. Of the three I am digging that Mahalo...
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    Student Ukes?

    I just read a review of the OHANA SK_15 in issue 17 of Ukulele Player. Hard to tell how much he liked it--really ... given that he kept calling it a 'good entry' or 'student' uke over and over again. Even 'best of the student ukes'. Its funny...
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    Ohana sk-15

    I am curious if anyone has one of these and how do the compare with other instruments like their solid tops? Additionally I wonder about the tuners as some of the ones I am seeing online have friction and some have geared?
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    cool simple blues

    he has it tuned off in the first video but its ok in the second.
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    Low G on a Dolphin

    Well I had put a wound low G string on my dolphin but yesterday noticed that the tuning machine had torn one of the screws out of the back of the headstock because the stress was too high from the Low G. I also don't like the sound of a low G on a soprano ... just saying don't bother doing it...
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    Do you get good at a particular size? Tenor vs soprano or concert

    I have Tenor, Concert and Soprano ukuleles and can play chords on any of them but am curious ... I am not that accomplished yet... when you are seriously practicing to get good, is it better to stick to one fretboard length to get your muscle memory tweaked so you can play it very well mindlessly?
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    Does different laminate wood sound different?

    I was wondering given a brand and size say a Kala Tenor for example, if you have two all laminate instruments, but one is koa and one is mahogany or spalted maple etc.... does the sound vary because of the different surface wood? I have no place to make a comparison.
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    Republic is dumping their zebrawood spruce top concerts on ebay

    Just noticed on Ebay that Republic has more than ten Concert Solid Spruce Top with inlays and zebrawood bodys with a hard case for 119 a pop.
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    shiny spots on matt finish care - how can you scuff it up?

    I just picked up a Hamano soprano and theres a small shiny spot on the top of it below the bridge and I read on the kala site that you shouldn't rub on a matt finish because it makes it shiny so evidently the spot is a result of rubbing. I figure eventually I might end up making other spots on...
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    Dessicant in Ukulele

    Hi, I picked up a Hamano Soprano Ukulele from Amazon and it just arrived. (funny that I bought it and they jumped the price up 74 bucks immediately after--guess I lucked out or hope I did) When I unpacked it, it sounded like it had something in it and it had two dessicant packs in it. With all...
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    Anyone tried the lucky pennys?

    I have a bad case of uas. Anyways I am getting an inkling for a solid body soprano. I just got an Ohana Giraffe Necked (Tenor Necked) solid soprano so I don't know why I want a soprano uke now but noticed on Ebay some of the Lucky Penny ukes and some of them are blemished on a super sale ...
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    are Martin Strings considered High Tension?

    Hi, I just bought a soprano Mahogany Solid Ohana with a Tenor Neck. I am getting it from another UU person on here, but when I looked at the Elderly website, for this particular ukulele it says not to use High Tension Strings. I don't know if Martin Fluorocarbons are high tension or not. Is...
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    Personal Soundhole on Ukulele - Makala Dolphin

    Hello, I saw pictures and heard youtubes of two different ukuleles with personal soundholes, the Riptide and the Tall Grass Bamboo. I am very curious about the soundhole idea. I noticed that the Riptide has the soundhole on the lower bout of the ukulele while the Tall Grass has it on the...
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    comparison's of longnecks?

    Hi, I am getting pretty interested in the long necked sopranos and was curious about the differences. So far I have seen pictures of the Kala KA-SLNG, the AnueNue Papa Ann-P1L and the Ohana SK-30L. The Ohana has a Tenor Neck and solid mahogany. I think the other two ukes use laminate...
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    Wood Shim under bridge

    Hey y'all. My Cordoba 15CM, which I got a few weeks ago, I realized the action was pretty bad on it, so I worked on it this morning. I knocked the nut off (it came off real easy) and sanded the underside so now it seems pretty much dead nuts on as far as clearance when fretting the third fret...
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    a sweet dolphin - ugly fretboard though - whats a good enuf intrument?

    Hi, I bought a pair of MakALA dolphins over Christmas on Amazon from Musiciselementary. Well I got a black and a white. I was not thinking ebony and ivory, but my son wanted a white (it is beautiful by the way, in every way) and I got the black. The black was not as tonorous as the white...
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    Mahalo ulp 30vs lp style

    I am curious if these are tenors or what? None of them I have looked at online say what size they are? They look like little les pauls
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    Cigar Humidifiers

    Yes, I am a sinner. Well I quit smoking about 30 years ago but lately took up dipping o.O .. anyways... being originally from CT (now from TN) .. in CT they used to have a sign on the roof of a barn, be smart wear seat belts, be safe, smoke cigars..." Well I smoked a few ... and the guys at...