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    Lava tenor

    Because of deteriorating health, I am selling my blue Lava tenor, I purchased in Feb this year. In perfect condition. Comes with space case, strap, & attached stick on strap button that is excellent. For those interested, send me a pm & I will email photos. $255.00 shipped to anywhere in the...
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    Gig bags

    Looking for recommendations of padded gig bags, both tenor & concert. Hoping to find two bags for $50 or less, total. If I knew how to delete this post, I would. ‘Cause, in the meantime, I ordered a concert bag from Amazon. Hola HD padded bag. $17.95 free shipping prime, arrives Friday...
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    Loud ukulele

    I am of the belief that I would like to own a concert uke that is loud, lots of volume. No pickup. All for under $150 to my door. I would appreciate all suggestions.
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    Lava uke & WD40

    In an earlier post, concerning the space case that comes with the new Lava uke, I wrote: “The clear plastic top scratches and/or smudges very easy.” I still stand by this opinion. One has to be careful and aware. I tried tried several methods to remove three of these to no avail. Until...
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    Best strings for hands with arthritis.

    I have arthritis in both my hands. Ongoing for several years. About two years ago, I even quit playing ukulele for several months. Concentrated on harmonica. That actually turned out to be a good thing. I was just pondering this morning. Would certain strings be gentler on my fingers? I...
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    For Sale: Ohana CK-14-CL Concert

    Sold on reverb.
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    I need a capo for my Kala baritone. Any suggestions? Please.
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    Seeking comments on two ukuleles

    Hello, I am planning to upgrade. I have decided on a concert. Here are the two I am pondering over: Grace Vanderwaal Signature model $192 at a local store. Comes with pickup and case. Hola Concert Hm-424SSR + $129.95. Package deal with strap and case. Reviews are overall good on both, with...
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    thin neck

    I received a $100.00 gift certificate with Musicians Friend. I am thinking of buying my wife a tenor within the $100. range. I want her to have one with a not so thick neck, for easier fretting. She has really small hands. Any suggestions please...? Thanks
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    New ukulele club

    I am in the process of forming a new (and only) ukulele club in Albany, GA. I have studied the internet on forming a club, but I thought maybe some of you might offer me some advice. I really like knowing "what doesn't work". I am running a free ad, every Sunday, in our local paper, under...
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    3 string box dulcimer

    Hi, I have a 3 string (only 3 tuners) cigar box dulcimer. I'm thinking I want to attempt to change "sort of" a uke. All of my ukes are tuned to GCEA. Is it possible to tune this instrument to a uke tuning with only three strings, and if so what tuning would I use? While this may not be...
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    Kala KA-ATP-CTG-CE

    Took delivery this morning on a Kala tenor cutaway cedar, $369.00, from MIMs Ukes. This is a huge step up for me, as my two others cost around $100.00 each. While I can't compare it to $500.00 and above ukes, this uke is absolutely beautiful. It seems to be perfectly made, no flaws, and...
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    Strumming patterns, habits....

    I know this will possibly be a lame subject for the experienced ukulele players, but for me it is a challenge. Strum patterns. When it comes to strum patterns, it's a struggle and sometimes I think "well maybe I am just not musical, perhaps no rhythm. I don't know. But I do want to get some...
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    Best strings to buy.

    Hi, I am a new ukulele player, less than 60 days. A friend, who bought it at a yard sale, gave me a Lanikai LU-21B Baritone. This friend said that the yard sale lady said she thought her daughter bought it around 7 years ago. It's in great shape, but I know it needs new strings, as I...
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    Tuning to G

    I need a little help please. My Kala came tuned in GCEA, which is standard C tuning. Some songs in my song book call for key of G. What would be tuning for each string to tune to the key of G? I am thinking the A would be retuned to G. Terry
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    New member from South West Georgia

    Hi, I am a new member. Joined the forum to find out more about ukulekle. I took up ukulele approx 30 days ago. I am having the usual problems, time mostly, age, and arthritis in my fingers, but it's coming along nicely. In other words I see progress. I own two ukuleles. A Cordoba...