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    Semi unknown all solid VS renowned laminate concert?

    If you’re in continental Europe then your decision process should take that into account … the vast bulk of posters in this forum are not in continental Europe so have a slightly different perspective. Both instruments will be good. In general there’s some overlap between laminate and solid...
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    Modern Martin S1 Review

    Everyone, it seems, gets hung up on perfection or, if not that, having the very best possible. To my mind that’s really not a helpful ideology. The S1 might not be the very best Uke in the World but it’s a darn good one and one of them brings you joy. I’d be delighted to have an S1 and honestly...
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    NSD: cheaper fluorocarbons, UK

    You might well be correct but I don’t subscribe to the idea that one fishing line is much the same as another. Of course I could be wrong but it seems to me that some lines are manufactured to higher standards than others and that some string suppliers trade on their experience of selecting the...
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    To the more experienced players - Have you held onto your first ukulele?

    I thought that the first Uke I had was grand, well grand until until I’d played it for a few more months and found UU. After that I went through several Ukes over several years, none particularly expensive, until I found some that can be made to work quite well for me. I think that the best...
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    Just got my first soprano! Ohana sk25 and she's a cutie except the G string is super duper tight and quiet compared to others.

    That’s interesting. The shop have just admitted that they, and Ohana too, carried out insufficient QA on your instrument. It’s a guess but perhaps someone on the factory production line picked up a C or E string by mistake and fitted it to your instrument. Stuff happens … I’ve never heard of...
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    NSD: cheaper fluorocarbons, UK

    About £4.50, which is around half the price of a set of M600’s here...
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    Online or brick and mortar store?

    I know a guy who opened a Uke shop, let’s just say that he’s sold a lot of Ukes but not made a fortune and had quite a few bad experiences along the way - some customers end up being folk you never want to deal with again. He’s downsized his operation somewhat and now serves a niche market on a...
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    Just got my first soprano! Ohana sk25 and she's a cutie except the G string is super duper tight and quiet compared to others.

    Out of interest and if you still have the old string then perhaps you might measure a small section of it next to the end of that that would have been in the machine head. The main section of string will, I suspect, have been stretched out and thinned by the over-tension it was subjected too...
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    What's happening in your shed?

    Nice looking instruments. Unless I’m mistaken you have markers at the 5th, 7th and 10th; the others are just a bit of fancy. It’s hard to make out but I think that the (more important) side markers are in the right place.
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    Just got my first soprano! Ohana sk25 and she's a cutie except the G string is super duper tight and quiet compared to others.

    If there’s an issue with the g string then I’d second the idea that an incorrect string has been fitted, and I’d also question why this Uke hasn’t got the standard Aquila’s on it too. With a bit of practice it’s usually possible to ‘eyeball’...
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    Modern Martin S1 Review

    The OP’s experience highlights a particular value in visiting and buying from a bricks and mortar store: the same (model) instrument can be and too often is different and some instruments should never have got past the factory’s QA department but did. Of course beware of glib salesmen and...
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    Did I just buy a diamond in the rough?

    There have been positive comments on here about the SK-25 - should be good and I like plain instruments that play really well. A diamond? Well all solid for a lowish price is nice, once you’ve played it for a while you’ll be able to say whether it lives up to your hopes or not. I understand that...
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    Not-music-related, home-made tool that uses repurposed side-ear geared tuning machines?

    Thank you for the extra detail. I have heard of this method before but don’t understand why folk use geared tuners rather than friction tuners; perhaps folk just use what they have to hand. Friction tuners must surely be easier and quicker to wind the string onto and there’s less chance of...
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    Why does a soprano have less frets?

    ^^ This. Sopranos don’t have much string left (to drive the soundboard) past the tenth fret and their soundboard isn’t large. OK the better quality instruments make the best of limited string and a small soundboard but basically you’re up against the physical limits of what’s possible and practical.
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    AI - Today and Future

    ^^ Agreed. Timescales is the only question and if there is one thing that’s certain it’s that someone will use this technology in a most harmful way, but maybe others will use it more positively. Interesting conversation about Universities but I‘m really not sure how valid it is, there’s maybe...
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    Sold FS Ohana SK-35S

    Wow, what a fantastic offer! If I lived in the US, rather than the UK, then I’d be pushing the postage into your hand.
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    Cordoba, Ohana, Pono, Martin

    It’s true that you have to spend a lot to get the best and that less than the best imposes a limit on how good you can sound. What’s too rarely expressed though is that only a tiny fraction of us will ever be limited by not playing the best instruments and that the more relevant limitation on...
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    Best CONUS source for rear facing tuners?

    Graph Techs won’t come cheap, perhaps you’re open to alternatives that are more in line with the price of your Uke. I’ve ordered stuff from Lucy’s Ukulele’s in Seattle and been pleased with both price and service. IIRC they don’t have a website but sell on reverb and eBay.
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    Zero Bracing?

    I would observe that the old Mahalo U30 Soprano Ukes have no bracing and that they work. I had an old Soprano with a loose brace and it still worked. Bracing has its place but if you decide to build without it and the soundboard is stiff enough then you can get a usable instrument. Personally...
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    'Flawed' but beloved. Anyone else got a VK/VKC-70 like this?

    This should be a second / blem and arguably shouldn’t have made it out of the factory. That aside if it plays well and you enjoy using it then all’s well enough. There have been reports of poor quality control for this brand, but I can live with mixed quality control if the price is right and...