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    WTB: Affordable (<$500?) Solid Tenor with Hard Case

    I’d like to try a solid wood tenor. It will travel, so I’d prefer a hard case. I’m thinking sub $500 because I like a deal and will have to clear it with the wife. I like the aesthetic and focus on function of Pono, Loprinzi, Bruko (not sure about sustain...). I’m open minded. Thanks.
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    Koaloha Opio factory tour in Bangkok?

    I’ll be in Bangkok in a few weeks and was curious about a tour. I found an old thread on here, but nothing else is showing up online. Do you all think I should contact the Koaloha main office with this request? Any other tips? Thanks!
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    Good deals to be had in Bangkok?

    I will be in Bangkok in a few weeks and wondered if there are any good deals I should look for there. Not looking for any custom and the discount compared to buying online in the States would have to be worth the effort of hauling it back. Thanks!
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    Know this brand? T logo on headstock

    Sorry for the bad image quality, but does anyone know what manufacturer this is?
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    WTB: High-quality solid concert “beater”

    I have my eyes open for a uke that I can take anywhere without worry, but that will play great. The uglier the better! Scratches, dings, finish flaws, screw holes, repaired cracks… I’m open to anything as long as the quality is good and it feels and sounds nice. I’m looking for: Concert size...
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    2 First Ukuleles for Father and Son

    I would like to buy 2 sopranos for my elementary aged son and I to learn together. I’ve been searching threads and reading/watching reviews for weeks and I think I’m ready to ask for help. Things that are important to me: -Quality/tone/playability (I’ve played many instruments and would rather...
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    Hello from all over

    Hey everybody. It seems to be the norm to say where you’re from in an introduction. I was born and raised in Indiana and after moving around a bit I now call Florida home, but spend most of my time working and traveling internationally for the job. I’ve been lurking on the forums for a few...