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  1. AnnaUK

    Pumpkin Blues

    So I got to thinking that now Halloween is over, all the poor old pumpkins are surplus to requirements. This is a sad thing :( I think that pumpkins must surely have the blues: The uke used for the slide part is a Riptide from MGM :D
  2. AnnaUK

    STOLEN: Martin Backpacker Uke (UK)

    Hey all Just thought I'd post this here, in the small hope that someone spots this stolen uke on a "For Sale" board somewhere. I was lucky enough to win the Baron's Blues contest and won his Martin Backpacker uke. Sven from Argapa Ukes had put a new top on it, with an unusual double...
  3. AnnaUK

    iPad Mini Ad Parody Silliness on a Stylophone

    I was inspired by CoLmesUke's fab iPad Mini Uke Parody: So thought I'd do a very quick lo-fi Stylophone version. Yes, I realise it's not a ukulele, but I couldn't begin to do...
  4. AnnaUK

    He-Man Theme (Uke Cover)

    Hello friends :) I saw a heavy metal version of this on FB this morning and thought "that'd be hilarious on a uke". So I worked it out. Well, it made me laugh anyway. :uhoh:
  5. AnnaUK

    Eddie Vedder "Longing To Belong" Uke Cover

    A beautiful song that I can't seem to stop playing, so have posted a cover. Just a quick one-take wonder no multi-tracking todayl :) Suggested to me by John Irving, check out his version too: The chords are from Ukulele Hunt...
  6. AnnaUK

    Winter Wonderland Cover

    I've been snowed in for three days now, but I'm using the extra days off work to play some music and do a bit of practice. The whole of the UK seems to have ground to a halt, and even tonight's uke jam is cancelled :( Here's my take on the classic, much covered "Winter Wonderland"...
  7. AnnaUK

    Pigeon Street Theme (Cover)

    Hello chaps I thought it would be fun to do another children's TV theme for uke and bass (well fun for me at least...) Here's the British cartoon "Pigeon Street" re-created 30 years after it was first shown. I used to love this when I was little. As you'll see I got a bit over-excited...
  8. AnnaUK

    Levellers - Beautiful Day Uke Cover

    Hey Guys After many uploading nightmares, I've managed it. I think YouTube may have taken a slight dislike to me... Anyhoo, the Levellers' "Beautiful Day": I get to use my new uke in this one - the mango soprano that Joe Spraggan built me. It's coming along nicely and I'll get a review up...
  9. AnnaUK

    Uke Comparison

    I've "accidentally" acquired two more ukes recently. Ooops. I thought people might be mildly interested to hear the differences between the different woods used: 1) Solid mango soprano built by Joe Spraggan 2) Vintage koa Kamaka soprano 3) Makapili concert pineapple (all solid hinoki top and...
  10. AnnaUK

    New Uke Day - Kamaka Soprano *sound clip in post #25*

    OK, OK – UAS has struck again. Ooooops. :rofl: So as these things happen, I was not searching for a K-Brand uke or anything really. I just happened to notice this one and it was too much of a bargain to pass up. It started at £300 but I got it for £150 in the end. ($239 USD or €170 EUR.)...
  11. AnnaUK

    Jimi Hendrix - Angel (Uke Cover)

    Hello all Sadly, today is the 40th anniversary of the death of Jimi Hendrix. I put together a cover of Angel as a bit of a tribute. I've tried not to be too soppy or sentimental, but Jimi's guitar playing is what made me want to also learn the guitar, which led via a plethora of stringed...
  12. AnnaUK

    "Song For Percy" - a uke original

    This song is about when you find your ONE TRUE LOVE :) I wrote it on uke, but added bass and glockenspiel as I've got an unfortunate addiction to arranging: (If you'd like the lyrics, click through to YT and they're in the info box.) Best wishes...
  13. AnnaUK

    Cardigans - "My Favourite Game" (Uke Cover)

    I love the Cardigans and always thought their video of Nina Persson driving along a highway at top speed was rather groovy. This song sums up the 90s for me. I did my own version of the video by splicing two car safety videos from '53 and '61 which were about the perils of driving too fast and...
  14. AnnaUK

    Beatles - "All My Loving" Uke Cover

    I thought I'd put this up seeing as it's the dreaded Valentine's Day :D As you might be able to tell by the number of their covers I do, I LOVE the Beatles: This one's got chords to make it all "educational" so feel free to play along. Happy Valentine's Day(!) :biglaugh:
  15. AnnaUK

    Star Wars Force Theme (Uke Cover)

    This seems to be an ongoing theme. I've done three other Star Wars tunes, maybe I'll do them all... A lot of fun to do :) And I've even managed to embed a video. Wonders will never cease :biglaugh:
  16. AnnaUK

    Beatles - "With A Little Help..." thank you to my 250 subscribers

    I've reached 250 subscribers, so thought I'd mark the milestone with a much covered THANK YOU song: The Beatles - "With A Little Help From My Friends" Thank you to all the lovely people who say kind things about my videos and encourage me to get...
  17. AnnaUK

    The Smurfs return - an homage to James (jmmquah)

    This is all James's fault :D I think between us, we've unfortunately started something... Here is "Do Smurfs Cry?" from the 1978 classic album Father Abraham In Smurfland. The soundtrack to my childhood :D Apologies in advance for all the silliness...
  18. AnnaUK

    Santa Baby - Uke Cover

    I know it's still November, but I just love Christmas :D Here's my murdering of Santa Baby: Hopefully more Christmas songs to follow...
  19. AnnaUK

    Buddy Holly - "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" Uke Cover

    You can blame this one on my pals at uke jam night. They started the Buddy Holly thing :D Here's my attempt at: "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" Sorry it's so dark in the video, but it's gone midnight here in the UK... :confused:
  20. AnnaUK

    New Smilie Time!

    Christmas Many apologies for resurrecting an ancient thread, but what about some Christmas icons, maybe just temporarily? I know it's only November, but I love Christmas :D