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    KoAloha Tenor For Sale $900 shipped

    I have a KoAloha tenor ukulele. It was made in March of 2010 and i purchased it on 2/3/11. It is in perfect condition, no scratches, marks, dings, etc. I have 2 plastic pick guards above and below the soundhole, but these can be taken off if you want to. Included with the uke are: a uke crazy...
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    UV Kanilea Concert w/Ko'olau Hardshell Case<SOLD>

    I am selling my Kanilea concert to cover unforseen car repairs. I am insure when it was built, but it was purchased around 8/11/09 for $730 without a case. It currently has a clear pick guard above and below the sound hole, but it doesn't affect the sound. It has no scratches or dings and is in...
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    Kamaka Soprano FS/FT <SOLD>

    The reason I am selling this is because it is too small, and I am trying to raise funds for a tenor ukulele. This is a Kamaka soprano made on July 18,2006. It is in very good condition except for a minor ding on the headstock and a small scratch on the soundboard where your arm rests on the uke...
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    Ko'olau tenor T-1 For sale/For trade <SOLD>

    This is a Ko'olau T-1 tenor with a sitka spruce top and koa back and sides. I purchased it less than a year ago brand new but have since realized that I prefer a concert size. It is in good condition although it has some shiny spots on the back and on the soundboard where your arms rests from...
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    slot head soprano

    I had an ukulele with a broken neck so I glued it back together, cut slots out with a rotozip, filed down the point on the headstock with a file and lots of sandpaper, painted the headstock, back, and sides with spray paint, and sanded the finish off the soundboard and applied 2 coats of laquer...
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    ka'au crater boys-stand by me

    does anyone know the picking used in the ka'au crater boys version of stand by me?
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    Mokokai Slide

    Does anybody know the strum pattern this guy is using?
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    out of my league

    could someone please explain to me what hes doing in this video?
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    dead and gone

    does anyobdy know the chord progression and strum pattern for this song or would it be difficult to play on the ukulele?
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    kamaka soprano

    i just got a kamaka soprano with the stock strings. I like the way it sounds but the sound doesn't last very long. Is it just the way its built or is it the strings?
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    with you/t-shirt

    does anyone know the chords and strum pattern shes using?
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    what you got

    Does anybody know the picking pattern that he uses in this video?
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    my heart will go on

    i've been looking everywhere for the chords for my heart will go on but i cant really find anything helpful. can anybody help?