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    Mainland Ukulele Concert Mahogany

    Hello all, Just want to write up a quick review of a concert mahogany from Mike at Mainland Ukulele. I had done some research regarding a bulk buy and a number of folks recommended that I contact Mike over at Mainland Ukulele. I had received the "green light" to purchase some ukuleles for a...

    What uke is this? Value?

    Ok..posted this over in the marketplace, but not sure where to go to get posting here also. I cannot find a pic of this anywhere on Google and I tried to contact GString about it and have yet to hear back. Anyhow, a neighbor wants $400 for this and I am interested. Is this rare...

    What year? Value?

    A neighbor has this GString uke for sale. It is a double hole super concert in perfect condition. Anyone know what the year was on this one and what it might be worth in excellent condition considering they seem impossible to find? I cannot find this model anywhere on the googles.. Are the...

    Rare Pono PTMS-2CE!

    Rare Pono PTMS-2CE Pono PTMS-2CE (Pono Tenor Mango Spruce -2 Cutaway Electric) Purchased directly from Pono/Koolau. They made a very limited run of these. The owner at the shop says about 12 were made. I asked him why such a limited amount were made and he said that it was "just too...

    Jake Shimabukuro autographed Oscar Schmidt OU-5 for sale (ebay)

    I have this up for sale. I don't want to part with it, but I need the funds for a bike project that I am working on. As you can read in the ad, I saw Jake at Anthology in San Diego a couple/three years back. I saw NukeDoc there, so he can vouch for me... is up for auction over...

    Baritone with GCEA

    Anyone know if this would sound good? I just thought it would be neat to have a uke with a bit more bass. I don't have a guitar background and don't feel like learning a different tuning.. Any ideas??

    Frets are too tall. Can I fix it?

    One of my ukes has amazing sound, but the thing that bothers me is that the frets are too big/tall. I prefer a lower profile fret. What are my options AND are these options easy enough so that just any guitar luthier around town should be able to do??

    Koaloha Tenor -- Like New

    I am the original owner of this amazing Koaloha Tenor. It is made of solid Koa. This uke sounds amazing. It has been re-strung with Worth Tenor Brown Mediums for an incredibly warm/rich sound. Again, it compliments the Koa really well. These are very difficult to get your hands on, as many...

    Koaloha Super Concert -- Like New

    JUST LISTED ON EBAY 11/1/09. CLEARER PHOTOS THERE IF YOU WISH TO SEE THEM. I am the original owner of this beautiful Like- New Koaloha Super Concert. It is made of solid koa wood. It has an incredible bright clear sound. It has been re-strung with Ko'olau golds for a rich/bright sound that...

    Pono PTO-E Tenor w/pick up

    Pono PTO-E Tenor w/pick up Like New SOLD 11/3/09 JUST LISTED ON EBAY. CLEARER PHOTOS THERE IF YOU WISH TO SEE THEM. I am the original owner of this beautiful Like New Pono PTO-E. It is made of mahogany. It has a beautiful guitar-like richness that I have not heard in other ukes. It has...

    What happened to the SD Uke Fest?

    Any local SD people out there know why the SD Uke Fest is no longer around?? Maybe it is back for this year, but have not heard anything. It would be a shame for it to disappear. There is so much uke talent and interest here in SD.:(

    Seems like a gas scam here...

    So, I heard this interesting ad on the radio today (which in not cheap to do). They claim that you can "lock-in" gas at 2.49/gallon for the remainder of '08 by signing up. It is called America's Rebate. I went on the site briefly and read the fine print....something about shipping and...

    The Good the Bad and the Ugly performance

    This is really cool. This would be a good one for a jam session..:nana:

    Pretty neat way to help out the less fortunate. I just played for awhile and "donated" about 1300 grains of rice. A common question is this: Q: If FreeRice has the rice to give, why not give it all away right now? A: FreeRice is not sitting on a pile of rice―you are earning it 20 grains at...

    Your Favorite Reggae Band is _________???????????

    This is not my original idea. This comes from another creative UU member. You know who you are.;) DOES seem that many of our members here in the UU are big reggae fans. Question: You can only listen to one reggae band for the rest of your life. Who would it be...

    What would you do if this was your neighbor?

    This is NOT my neighbor. What would you do if it was..pretty annoying?? I think this is a joke...

    Natalie Portman Raps

    This is funny. Had no idea she had it in her...almost a little too believable..haha.

    Ukulele backpack question??

    I remember seeing a ukulele backpack that was REALLY nice and well made. Does anyone know the company? I can't seem to google it and find what I saw awhile back.:(

    Any words bother you?

    Somebody asked me at a restaurant today if I wanted a "soda pop". I have no idea why, but I just don't get it. Soda pop...really? It isn't their fault in any way....just sounds weird to me. I have friends that have issues with certain words too. I guess this would be the what grinds your gears...

    My Movie Review System

    For the last decade, my friends and I have used a movie rating system that is simple and clear. OK..the RULES are.. A. Movies are rated on a 1 - 5 scale using decimals if needed (ie 3.9) B. NOTHING gets a 5....we can always hope that some day..:D C. Any movie that gets a rating lower than...