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  1. manapualabs

    Interested in purchasing an Eleuke Pineapple tenor

    Aloha! I am interested in purchasing an Eleuke Pineapple tenor for practicing quietly in my home or office. Anyone have an extra one they'd like to offload? Mahalo for your help. manapualabs
  2. manapualabs

    Hawaiian Language Song Competition-Liko Puha entry

    Aloha, Liko Puha (mokupuni) has entered the Hawaiian Language Song Competition. The link to the videos is here: In the video he is playing his Pegasus 8 string. Please vote for him! Thank you for your support! manapualabs Below is his...
  3. manapualabs

    Anyone here ever play a Pegasus ukulele?

    A link to Liko playing another original song "Hiehie `o Pahala" on his Pegasus 8-string: Closeup of the headstock: aloha no, Toki
  4. manapualabs

    FS: Fusion F1 Tenor `Ukulele Gig bag

    I have a couple of new Fusion F1 Tenor `Ukulele Gig bags I'd like to sell. These are fantastic cases that are; comfortable to wear/carry, really protect your `ukulele and have a lot of storage space for strings, laptops and even a music stand. Here is another UU'ers review...
  5. manapualabs

    Has anyone else seen this billboard?

    Saw this driving around Santa Rosa, CA. Amazing!
  6. manapualabs

    Sebastopol's 1st Annual Ukulele Festival - May 25, 2013

    If you're in the neighborhood: Workshops, concerts, food, local wine and beer - sounds like fun!
  7. manapualabs

    E Ho`omau `Ukulele Workshop & Retreat (NorCal)

    Registration is now open for E Ho`omau `Ukulele Workshop & Retreat! Sign up for a fantastic Hawaiian `ukulele experience!
  8. manapualabs

    NorCal Ukesperience Ukulele Workshop and Dinner

    The Ukesperience Ukulele Workshop and Dinner (Fairfield) Event flyer is attached Like to learn how to play an ukulele or just get better at it? Come on down!! Like ono grindz? Come on down!! Like free, live music? Come on down!!! Schedule is as follows: 12:00pm - Registration Begins...
  9. manapualabs

    Case with room for an iPad

    Photo of Liko standing in the drizzle at the San Francisco Peace Plaza with a tenor Fusion case holding his Pegasus 8 string and his iPad in the inner pocket where the straps go when it's not being used as a backpack.
  10. manapualabs

    Anyone here ever play a Pegasus ukulele?

    Liko and Pegasus 8 string. I bought it for him about 20 years ago for a grad present when he finished his AA. He loves it. Forgot to add a link of Liko playing Ka Lei Hulu `o Ho`omau on the Pegasus:
  11. manapualabs

    Chords to "Move Along Little Dogie"

    I have been trying to figure out the chords to Ukulele Ike's song, "Move Along Little Dogie" for a long time, but can't seem to get it. I think it starts in D and goes to G, but then the chord changes are just too fast for me. Can anyone help, please? Here's the link to the video...
  12. manapualabs

    Ku`u Pua No Ka Aina Olu

    Ku`u Pua No Ka Aina Olu (My Flower from California) Original song by Liko Puha (mokupuni) recorded with a Sonny D tenor strung with Worth Clears:
  13. manapualabs

    Opinions/Reviews of Keith Ogata `ukuleles?

    Aloha, I was wondering if there were any opinions among UU'ers about Keith Ogata `ukuleles. They are so uncommon that I don't know anyone personally that has handled one. They look fantastic, do they sound? Mahalo for your kokua! (Thanks for your help!) manapualabs
  14. manapualabs

    Have you hugged your Eleuke today?

    When I originally purchased my Eleuke (eh, t'anks Mim!) I wanted to be able to practice quietly in the house without disturbing my boyfriend while he did his homework. It does a great job doing this and I am grateful. What I didn't predict was how much fun it was going to be taking the Eleuke...
  15. manapualabs

    Re: Hard Case for a Tenor Eleuke?

    Re: Hard Case for a Tenor Eleuke? Aloha Kakou! Does anyone use a hard case for a tenor Eleuke? I would like to have one, but I can't find anything obviously available on the web. I'd appreciate any suggestions. As always, mahalo for your kokua. manapualabs
  16. manapualabs

    Re: Cable question

    Re: Cable question Aloha kakou! Does anyone have/use this cable? With the in-line volume control it seems like it would be perfect for `ukuleles with no on-board...
  17. manapualabs

    Re: Another question about pickups

    Re: Another question about pickups Sorry to bring this up again, but: I want to install a pickup into my KPK tenor and for weeks I have read everything I could about different types of pickups and methods of amplifying `ukuleles including the excellent UU thread...
  18. manapualabs

    Charlie Brown plays the `ukulele

    Found a statue of Charlie Brown and strapped the KPK tenor onto him. There are lots of these around town, I might try and dress each on up with an `ukulele and take a photo!
  19. manapualabs

    Fusion F1 Soprano/Concert limited Edition Bag review

    Great review! Really thorough and good photos. I have a couple of comments: I bought the Limited Edition Fusion Soprano/Concert case for the Tom Guy Tenor Cigarbox `ukulele. And I love it! The `ukulele fits well, it's firm enough to protect the `ukulele, it's easy to carry and has lots of...
  20. manapualabs

    Koa strap pins for `ukulele

    Does anyone know where you can buy koa strap pins/buttons for a `ukulele? I have found these: and I would like to see something like this in koa. I think guitar strap buttons like these: