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    SOTU 574 -- "You Gotta Have Heart"

    Two hearts are better than one.
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    Season 573 - Tom Waits for Lowe man

    We're born grumpy. Our ability to contain our grumpiness simply diminishes with age. 😠
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    Season 573 - Tom Waits for Lowe man

    Some Nick Lowe for you.
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    Season 571 - Sampler Platter

    Very clever! 👏👏 The bitter irony was the bit they sampled was written by Decca's orchestra arranger, one David Whitaker – who was not credited on either recording! And the Stones have been on the other side too. On their 1997 single 'Has Anybody Seen My Baby?,' they had to give songwriting...
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    Season 571 - Sampler Platter

    Songs that quote from other songs?
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    Season 568: Same procedure as last year?

    Sorry, I missed your Season, Del. This was on the back burner, but I hope fits here just as well. Featuring not one but two Andalusian cadences, modulation to the relative 4th & back, augmented chords - who says rockabilly's simple? :-D
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    SEASON 556- 1972

    I was at that show, Oct 29, 1972, Empire Pool, Wembley (now renamed as Wembley Arena, but the seating's still laid out like it's a swimming pool). I remember it well. The Dolls were supporting the Faces. It's fair to say, it wasn't exactly their audience. :)
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    Season 566 - Seasonal Songs

    I've done this before, and better, but it is my Christmas party special. 🎄
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    Season 566 - Seasonal Songs

    To preserve formatting for songsheets, go back to your OP & put them inside the ['code'] ['/code'] tags, as per above.🤓 Typeface inside the code tags is always monospaced, so a pro tip is to write out your songsheet in Courier using a simple text editor (Windows Notepad for example), then, using...
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    Season 566 - Seasonal Songs

    Hank Garland is one of my favourite guitar players. This is another Christmas classic he featured on. I'm giving him co-writing credit, even if the publishers did not.
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    In a bout of idle curiosity, I looked up the meaning of 'turpitude' in the OED. "Well if that's 'turpitude'," I wondered. "Then what is the difference between 'turpitude' and 'moral turpitude'?" Turns out that 'moral turpitude' - outraging social mores - is a concept peculiar to US immigration...
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    Season 559 - Everybody Plays the Fool

    Another (quick) cover of "The Fool On The Hill"
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    Week 557 - For Four: 444 Revisited

    According to Wikipedia (!), this is the list of the songs covered in that Axis of Awesome sketch. HTH. (Just back from Albania, btw). Songs in the official music video: Journey – "Don't Stop Believin'" James Blunt – "You're Beautiful" The Black Eyed Peas – "Where Is the Love" Alphaville –...
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    SOTU 553 International Day Calendar

    Herbivores fall into two basic categories: grazers (like sheep); or browsers (like goats). White (wide-mouthed) rhinos are grazers. Black rhinos are browsers. It's International Rhino Day, folks!
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    SOTU 553 International Day Calendar

    (UK radio personality)Danny Baker pointed out a few years back that ITLAP Day should in fairness really be entitled "International Talk Like Robert Newton Day" as it's his OTT performance as Long John Silver in Disney's 1950 production of Treasure Island that everyone imitates when they talk...
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    SOTU 550 (!!!) "IT'S ONLY A MOVIE, INGRID!"

    Oops! Wrong link. This was the Ronnie Lane number sung by Ronnie Wood, and the only time RW took lead vox with the Faces. :)
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    Season 549: Paperback Writers

    Another Season, another rabbit-hole. My broadband's gone awry. Won't be fixed till middle of next week. :-(