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  1. manfrog

    Universe of available steel-string electric ukuleles

    I picked up a Sparrow baritone a few months ago and I love it. I have an older Risa (the bean shaped one) but I find the string spacing is too narrow. The Sparrow has a nice wide fretboard and the string spacing is much more ukulele-like. Try one if you can, I think you'll like it :)
  2. manfrog

    Sold locally - No longer available : Mainland Cedar Top Baritone - Cosmetic Flaws

    If you are considering a solid top baritone to play, this Mainland might be for you! There are several dents in the cedar top, which were there when I bought this uke. They do not detract from the playability of the instrument in any way. It sounds and plays great. I'm only selling because I...
  3. manfrog

    Fs: Kala ka-atp-ctg-ce

    For Sale: Kala Cedar Top Tenor Slothead Cutaway Electric. Solid Cedar top, laminate acacia back and sides. Active pickup with tuner. I have too many ukuleles laying around, not getting played, especially considering that I only play the three closest to my desk :) This one is a real looker, and...
  4. manfrog

    Butterfly (New original song and video)

    This began life as a Seasons of the Ukulele entry a long time ago, but then things got away from me. I rediscovered them at the bottom of the sea.
  5. manfrog

    An Original Christmas Song based on "A Christmas Carol"

    I wrote this last year, but didn't finish it until a week after Christmas. Here it is again in a more seasonal context. :)
  6. manfrog

    WTB Mainland Red Cedar Baritone Anybody got one?

    So, my daughter has taken my baritone off to college with her, so I have decided to upgrade to a Mainland Red Cedar. I usually try to buy used, because its cheaper and I don't mind a few dents or dings (save me the trouble and heartache that comes with scratching them up myself). Anyone got one...
  7. manfrog

    UAS is in our DNA!! And skills has nothing to do with UAS!!

    This is what my DNA looks like! :)
  8. manfrog

    Season 251 - It's Showtime!

    Howdy Fred, I finally got to make some pancakes to enjoy with your fine Vermont maple syrup. Don't worry the cat didn't eat all of them! :) Thanks again!
  9. manfrog

    Evergreen - A Seasonal Original

    Here's a Seasonal original I wrote for the Seasons of the Ukulele. It features my friend Steve Shelton on guitar and tells the story of a man who goes into the woods to cut a tree, has a semi mystical experience, and goes home for a nice lie down. :) I figured I would share it here as well...
  10. manfrog

    Chipper Guy (and the Frantic Hand) - Original Song by John and Olivia Liebler

    This is a song I recorded for pabrizzer's recent any sharp any flat challenge. This one is in Bb, and was written about a family vacation in Canada last Summer. Each verse represents (in its own way) one of the cities we visited. The title refers to the cross signal figure who seems much happier...
  11. manfrog

    Season 232 - Something to See

    Checking In and PRIZES! Howdy Seasonistas! I could swear I posted on this thread last night before I went to bed, but it seems to have gone into the ether. Anyway, I am so happy with the videos I'm seeing! I have watched them all more than once, and I'm catching up on commenting this morning, I...
  12. manfrog

    Season 232 - Something to See

    Howdy Seasonistas! Welcome to the 232 Season of the Ukulele: Something to See. (In which we celebrate the ocular senses, as visual stimuli from the wide and wonderful world pass inverted through our eye holes, clamber up our optic nerves and settle into our brainspace.) The usual rules...
  13. manfrog

    WTB: Pono BE chambered electric baritone

    Anyone got one they're looking to sell? :)
  14. manfrog

    Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome Visualized - Happy Holidays!

    My regular gig is creating scientific art of cellular and molecular subjects. I thought I would share my Holiday blog post here, as it concerns an affliction that affects so many of us. :) This is my visualization of the UAS viral capsid. It also just happens to look like a snowflake :) You...
  15. manfrog

    La Vie En Rose

    My daughter, performing at a recent recital. :)
  16. manfrog

    Killing the Blues

    My friend Sandy and I decided to take a run at this one for last week's Seasons of the Ukulele. Based on the Alison Krauss/Robert Plant arrangement on "Raising Sand"
  17. manfrog

    Hotel Yorba

    This was for last weeks Jug Band Season. Thought I would post it over here as well. :)
  18. manfrog

    WTB Godin Multiuke (burst prefrred)

    Hey UU, I'm dropping out of lurk mode to see if anyone is thinking of selling a Godin Multiuke in the near future. My little mainland concert just can't hold it's own against the drums and guitars (not to mention accordions) in the band. If anyone's got one they're not playing, let me know. I...
  19. manfrog

    Ukulele Underground is branching out into the wide world of sports?

    This is the funniest thing I saw on Craigslist today:
  20. manfrog

    Can Someone suggest a string set for a Risa "Bean"

    Hi, I recently picked up a Risa bean-shaped tenor electric. It's fun to play with, but it is strung currently as a baritone, and I would like to go gCEA re-entrant on it. Is there a single set of electric guitar strings that would cover all the necessary gauges? Any suggestions would be...