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  1. kamaka_4_life

    Kanilea Premium Abalone Tenor

    Hey UU fam, it's been a minute! I have an amazing tenor ukulele for sale. It's a 2014 Kanilea Premium Abalone Tenor. It was purchased at The Ukulele Site in Haleiwa. It's been played a few times, but it needs a new home. No scratches or dings. Some wear in the tuning pegs (probably due to...
  2. kamaka_4_life

    Aldrine Guerrero Meet-Up @ Kapiolani park today 5/23/12 at 4:00 pm!

    Hey UU fam, I don't know if you guys follow Aldrine on Facebook or Twitter and such, but he just posted about an hour ago, that he will be having a meet-up today at 4:00 at Kapiolani Park! If you guys are free, you should come down. Not sure on the exact location at Kapiolani park, but I will be...
  3. kamaka_4_life

    My thoughts on the D'Addario T2 Titanium Strings...

    Hello UU fam, I just wanted to share a little experience I had with the new Titanium strings from D'Addario. I had just purchased 2 sets last week, one for my tenor, and one for my concert long-neck. I put both sets on each uke last week Friday, and they sounded great, until... Yesterday!!!! I...
  4. kamaka_4_life

    Awesome Jam Sessions!!!

    Hey awesome UU members, please watch these videos!! These are vids of Casey aka (itsAMeCasey) Lance (ukeADDICTx) and myself, jamming at Casey's house a couple weeks ago! I thought he was going to upload the vids to UU, but it's alright, so please check these vids out, and sub to his channel!!!
  5. kamaka_4_life

    D'Addario T2 Titanium Tenor String Set?

    Hey UU, quick question! I was browsing the merch store and saw that they now offer the D'Addario Titanium string sets for concert and tenor uke's. I was wondering how they sound compared to the J71 set as they are more expensive? Are they better quality? Also, did anyone try them on a Kamaka as...
  6. kamaka_4_life

    Buzzing and Fretting Problems on Kamaka Tenor

    Hey UU, I've been having a hard time switching between my new long-neck concert and my tenor Kamaka's, as both are so beautiful and offer a unique sound. However, from playing the two, I noticed that my Tenor buzzes a lot more when strumming and picking, and that fretting sometimes seems to...
  7. kamaka_4_life

    I don't know what to do :( could someone help...?

    Hey guys, I know this is kind of a weird question to ask, but I wanted your opinions on what I should do. So I posted the other day that I wanted to give my old uke away to a friend, the thing is, I had to ask my parents permission first since they purchased it for me. My mom said no, however I...
  8. kamaka_4_life

    Shipping a uke?

    Hey UU Fam, so i've come to the conclusion that I really want to give my old uke to a friend. The only problem is, I have to ship it to Cali!! I was wondering if anyone has experience shipping an ukulele "preferably Tenor size" with the case through USPS, or any other shipping company? I don't...
  9. kamaka_4_life

    NEW KAMAKA UKE DAY!! Concert long-neck

    I am extremely happy, excited, and blessed to have received such a beautiful new instrument today. I went down just a few hours ago to pick up my new Kamaka Concert Long Neck Ukulele. The wood is so beautiful on this uke, and I am so thrilled at the results. Six weeks of waiting sure felt like...
  10. kamaka_4_life

    Dinner with Aldrine Guerrero, Danyo Cummings, and Kalei Gamiao!!

    Hello UU, so I decided to go and check out Aldrine at Ala Moana today. Luckily I didn't have to fight traffic LOL but it was amazing!! Aldrine and Aaron "hopefully I spelled his name right," performed from 5:00-5:45pm. They did a great job, and even had an encore song! After the show, I got to...
  11. kamaka_4_life

    Anyone going to see Aldrine at Ala Moana? Saturday 11/12/11

    So Aldrine posted on FB that he will be performing at Ala Moana shopping center at the center stage starting at 5:00 pm. I was just wondering who might be going to the show/ meet-up and jam afterwards? I also heard Kalei Gamiao will be there too. I know traffic might be crazy because of the APEC...
  12. kamaka_4_life

    Kalei Gamiao performs "Mach 4" at Go For Da Record Event

    Oh and that's my youtube channel, so please subscribe if u like :)
  13. kamaka_4_life

    Post your uke pics here!

    The Kamaka I won at this years Duke's Ukes Contest :) exchanged it for a concert long neck which is in the process of being completed!!
  14. kamaka_4_life

    Ordered Super Concert from Kamaka 10/18/11

    Hey UU members, haven't been on in a looooooong time, but I just wanted to say that I went to Kamaka today and placed an order for a "special" super concert! Got a bunch of mods to it, and the grand total is about $2,036. However, this past weekend I got 1st in the 16-18 age division at the...
  15. kamaka_4_life

    Nike SB!

    Hey Everybody! Just wanted to know if anyone on the underground is into the Nike SB shoe line? Wondering if anyone want's to sell as well! Thanks :)
  16. kamaka_4_life

    Kamaka Buzz!

    Hey guy's! I wanted your opinion on something. My Kamaka tenor, which I had for the past year and a half or so is awesome. It sounds good, looks good, and plays good. The only thing is that there seems to be a "buzz" on the first and second fret of the third string. I noticed it for a while but...