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  1. SailingUke

    Reno uke fest 2022

    When our vehicle was broken into in the unguarded parking lot, hotel manage was not concerned or helpful. I have enjoyed the festival every time I attended, but don’t like the Nugget.
  2. SailingUke

    Reno uke fest 2022

    Too bad they moved it back to the Nugget.
  3. SailingUke

    PBS did a KoAloha Factory Tour!

    Brings back pleasant memories of my factory tour.
  4. SailingUke

    Blackbird Clara: Low G or High G?

    Mine was a low g, after I got a Farallon, I changed to high g, so I have one of each.
  5. SailingUke

    Help with strings, please

    LaBella makes a set for 1/4 size guitars tuned E-E.
  6. SailingUke

    What's my next baritone method book?

    James Hill has a new Baritone Jazz course.
  7. SailingUke

    Entry Level Hawaiian Brands ?

    Buy a used Hawaiian “K” brand, you‘ll be happier and save money in the long run.
  8. SailingUke

    To Those Who Admired Daisy - RIP Sweet Dog

    I mourned my previous dog for 20 years. A year ago I finally got a new companion. Don’t know why I waited so long. Unlike people we lose it is easy to transfer our love to a new dog. Sorry for your loss.
  9. SailingUke

    Fret sprout remedy…

    I like to work on the fret ends before re-hydrating. After you fix the dry fret board, the fret ends will be just slightly recessed.
  10. SailingUke

    About the new Thunderbrown Aquila strings for bass ukuleles 20 -26 inches scale

    I could not them to tune at the correct pitch.
  11. SailingUke

    NUD Koaloha KTM-00

    Wonderful story, may you play it in good health for a long lifetime.
  12. SailingUke

    Shipping ukes???

    I had a few lesser expensive Uke to sell and wound up donating them to the local library because the shipping was so much.
  13. SailingUke

    Baritone Lessons

    James Hill has a new baritone jazz class.
  14. SailingUke

    Idiot spammer...

    I hope they block the spam soon. I’m going to take a break from the forum.
  15. SailingUke

    Gibson UB1 Banjolele

    I may be wrong, but I believe it is a UB-2 because of the resonator. UB-2 also has a slightly larger head.
  16. SailingUke

    5 String Ukulele

    Ken Middleton’s Living Waters has a 5 string set. I usually buy this set even for tenors, I have extra string.
  17. SailingUke

    Borrow an ‘Ukulele! from Hawaii Public Library

    The Ventura, CA downtown library has ukuleles for loan as well. Our local club meets at the library on Monday nights.
  18. SailingUke

    Reno 2021

    Currently here at my 10th Reno Festival. After two years it is great to see so many old friends. Great lineup of workshops and performers. The vendor area is a little smaller than years past. Tonight is the grand finale concert and party.
  19. SailingUke

    Flurocarbon Low g options

    Living Waters makes a 5 string set as well as selling individual low G’s.
  20. SailingUke

    Any experience with X2 Double AcoustiFex UO pickup?

    Here’s a short video I did quite awhile back. I really like the pickup.