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  1. Gillian

    Anyone want to go on a uke barge trip in Italy?

    My hubby and I were planning on a ukulele/biking trip on a river barge in Italy in September. Things happen and now we aren't going. We've made the original partial down payment but found out it isn't refundable. We are willing to give a large discount to whoever wants to take our places. Here's...
  2. Gillian

    Kamaka Long Neck Concert w/MiSi

    I'm selling a Kamaka long neck concert, (HF-2L). Inside stamp says it was born on Oct. 13, 2011. This pretty uke was very lightly played. There are no scratches (even strumming scratches) or cracks. In the name of full disclosure, I ran my finger around the edge of soundboard, I felt two...
  3. Gillian

    Troy Fernandez in Santa Cruz

    I know it's late notification but tomorrow night, Friday, March29, Troy Fernandez will be playing at the Pono Hawaiian Grill in Santa Cruz at 6:30. The Grill has limited seating so get there early.
  4. Gillian

    Ukulele Beatle Jam in San Jose, March 31

    The San Jose Uke Club is hosting a 4 hour Beatle Jam on Sunday, March 31 from 1-5 at the Yu-Ai Kai Center, 588 N. 4th Street in the Japantown district. Song sheets and music stands aren't necessary because we project the songs. Parking is on the street and free because the meters are turned off...
  5. Gillian

    bASS p***

    Here are my three basses: an Ohana fretless bass uke, that I hardly every play. A Hofner Contemporary that has amazing sustain over the Ignition and German models. A Fender Mustang PJ that I had modded so I can control both the tone and volume of each pickup when both are active. All go through...
  6. Gillian

    I should have trademarked my avatar

    As the saying goes, "Don't get mad, get even". So, since my idea is "out there", I am making my jpeg available for all who want to make their own t-shirts, ukulele case stickers, tote bags, etc. Here you go:
  7. Gillian

    I should have trademarked my avatar

    I created my avatar more than two years ago before the "Keep Calm" thing really took off. The only place I've posted it is on this site. I thought it was kind of clever. Evidently someone else did too and is now using it to sell products from this site...
  8. Gillian

    Pete Howlett item

    CBS did a nice bit on Pete Howlett.
  9. Gillian

    Finally! New flatwound stainless steel bass strings for Ohana bass ukulele

    I posted a video in the Bass forum. These strings sound great, feel great and won't chew up the fretboard if you have a fretless OBU. Of course they can be used on fretted Ohana bass ukes, too. They are hand made and are not cheap but metal bass strings last a loooooong time. Highly recommended.
  10. Gillian

    Okay Compass Rose Owners, Post your Beauties..

    Here are my two beauties.
  11. Gillian

    Best strings for an Ohana-OBU-22 FLM

    Well, I ordered some La Bella MBLB flatwounds, because I was told they were made for basses between 23" and 25" scale. Perfect, I thought, for my Ohana fretless which is 24.5" Well, the first string I tried, the E, looked promising. It was the right length. I had to file the nut slot a bit...
  12. Gillian

    Uke on a cruise ship

    Princess Lines offer Ukulele Cruises, hosted by Sarah Maisel and Craig Chee. I went on the one last year to Alaska. I think there were 50 folks who signed up. We would form little groups all over the ship in little alcoves and try to stay unobtrusive but we would generate an audience anyway...
  13. Gillian

    Uke on a cruise ship

    Maybe if you brought this uke, Disney couldn't complain:
  14. Gillian

    Best strings for an Ohana-OBU-22 FLM

    It came with Rotosound RS77sd jazz bass flatwounds, 40. 50. 75. 90. The E string sounds terrible at every fret and the intonation on ALL the strings gets worse as I go up the neck. I have no idea where to place my fingers to play a correct note...on the fretline?, between them? some places...
  15. Gillian

    Solution to loose endpin jack

    I know how to tighten the outside nut on the endpin jack and snug it up against the washer when it comes loose, but the problem is when the INSIDE nut becomes loose. I don' t have the tools to reach inside and tighten it, requiring a trip to the luthier to have it fixed. When it happened again...
  16. Gillian

    BBC Magazine video bit on Pete Howlett
  17. Gillian

    Loving my Blackbird BTU

    The different sound, loudness, resonance, lightness, playability, crisp notes, spot-on intonation past the 12th fret…so many reasons why I love the BTU. However, the main reason I bought the BTU is because my really nice wood ukes were getting beat up at our uke meetings! I almost had a...
  18. Gillian

    Humidifying in the SF Bay Area - Alameda to be exact.

    The Bay Area has microclimates. While those living in SF Oakland and Berkeley might be in a cold ocean fog, while we in San Jose are basking in sunshine.;) I have my ukes hanging on their String Swings with a digital hygrometer in their midst. Today, the humidity where they are hanging is 50%...
  19. Gillian

    Warren Buffet's Coke Ad

    Seems to me one of the world's richest men could afford a hearing aid so he could tune his uke better! He is the largest shareholder of Coca-Cola, hence the plug.
  20. Gillian

    Case for Ohana Bass Ukulele (OBU-22)

    I need help/suggestions in finding a case, preferably hard shell, for my Ohana bass uke. The gig bag it came in isn't very well padded plus the zipper slider on the front pocket cracked and came apart (:mad:), rendering the front pocket useless to put stuff in unless I use duct tape or Velcro to...