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  1. pdxuke

    In Praise of Inexpensive Barritones

    Hello Friends: I have Martin, Favilla and Kamaka baritones. Lovely, wonderful instruments. But I gotta tell you,I get a heck of a lot of fun out of my cheap Barrys, especially the Kala/Makala variety. When it came time to buy a uke to ship to my family home in tampa, where I visit several...
  2. pdxuke

    FS: TV Pal by Mastro

    FOR SALE: TV PAL by MASTRO, c 50s No chips or cracks, usual action, but markings faded in spots. Fun uke. Plastic. Includes gig bag. Thanks for looking! TERMS: $100 shipped CONUSA. Paypal Only. No International Sales. All Sales Final. Selling because I'm done with the novelty--now it's your...
  3. pdxuke

    FS: Blue Favilla Soprano Uke

    FOR SALE: c. 30s Blue Favilla Soprano Uke, with Hard Case The original blue uke! A classic. Great player, some paint wear, no cracks. Hard to find,classic uke with that Favilla sound. I'm selling because I don't play this as much anymore--my Martins are getting my attention. PM me to buy...
  4. pdxuke

    FS: Martin Baritone and Favilla Baritone

    Hello Friends: I'm a longtime forum poster here: search for my posts and you'll see I'm legit. I have two barrys for sale: a beautiful Martin that I acquired from Folkways a couple of years ago, and a nice Favilla purchased fro Anitbellum. Both are lovely. I'm in Portland, OR, and would...
  5. pdxuke


    Hi Friends: Posting my Martin Baritone that I acquired from Folkways Music, Canada, last year. Searched for one it great condition, and this is it. I listed it on CL, so the details are there. The uke is available for local pickup in Portland, OR, ONLY. If you contact me through PM here, I...
  6. pdxuke

    FS: Martin Style 1 Soprano--50s

    WHAT: A Martin Style 1, 1950s WHY: Time to Pass It On CONDITION: Superb. No issues, no cracks; normal wear Here is a marvelous example of Martin at its best; great player, great uke. Everyone needs a Martin soprano. (Don't worry; I've got a few left.) PRICE: $695 + $26 CONUS SHIPPING Paypal...
  7. pdxuke

    c1953-57 Favilla Baritone--Interest?

    Post deleted by poster
  8. pdxuke

    YOUR MGM UKES: Post a Picture

    I'd love to see, all in one place, a visual representation of the influence MGM had on all of us. So I'll start by posting two of the ukes Mike sold me; lovingly set up. From a Dolphin to a Kamaka. Thanks, Mike. (My First Ever Uke.)
  9. pdxuke

    FS Vintage Martin Tenor, c 40s

    FOR SALE: Vintage Martin Tenor, c 40s. 18 frets, 12th fret meets body. THIS WEEKEND ONLY: Final Reduction, Local PDX Pickup ONLY: $795 This is your last shot at this if anybody in Portland wants it. After Sunday I'm locking the thread and cosigning it to Gryphon Strings, where you will...
  10. pdxuke

    NEW/OLD (FREE) Baritone Uke Day

    So I walked around the huge annual garage sale (140 houses) that my neighborhood holds, and spot an Orpheus baritone uke with the back almost off. Fellow gives it to me, since he knows I'm a Barry lover. Glued it, strung it with a pair of Martin Barry strings, and presto--a picnic beater...
  11. pdxuke

    I Miss My Regal Spruce Top Baritone!

    Some of you may remember that my vintage Regal spruce top Barry was victim of a smash and grab out of my car as I was moving from my old to new house back in April. Here it is before I changed the strings out, fresh from Ebay: So, I'd like to have another spruce top baritone. I'd really...
  12. pdxuke

    FS: Martin S1

    SOLD Martin S1 Soprano Uke with Gray Martin Gig Bag Mexican made, modern build, all mahogany Purchased end of 2012 Very little playing time WILL TRADE FOR: I'll consider a trade of any clean Baritone, modern or vintage. PM Me. These are extremely well made ukes. Really nice. I have...
  13. pdxuke

    Uke stolen

    Just quickly checking in in the middle of my move. My REGAL (edit) Spruce top Barry Tone was smash and grabbed from my car last night. It's unique because it has the pearls at the bridge tie instead of classical ties. Keep your eyes peeled on ebay, etc, in case it shows up--so I can buy it...
  14. pdxuke

    New Baritone Uke Day

    Yesterday I awoke to what I've been waiting for: a modern build (2011) used Kamaka Baritone. This one is sold thru Elderly. I am having their techs set it up with the Lambchop D'Addario d'gbe' method, since Elderly doesn't stock Southcoast strings. I'll upload pics That I snarfed from...
  15. pdxuke

    My Baritone Stringing Report

    REVISED: I now understand the standard notation Dirk is talking about, so I'm going to post that next to my twisted language. Nothing like re-inventing the wheel. Dirk will correct me if I'm wrong :-) You all know I've gone a little Barry Tone (my new best friend) crazy, but I've been having a...
  16. pdxuke

    New Uke (Night)

    Insomnia has it's advantages. Too much coffee too late in the day, = this: Always wanted one. Now I have a plastic!
  17. pdxuke

    Tenor Finds Its Voice

    I recently bought a Martin Tenor c 40s and had it strung with Martin strings and tuned to C. It just sounded...well, blah. I just put the light cuatro set on from Southcoast and tuned it to Eb. Magic! Jazzy, warm, humming! My Martin tenor has found its voice. Anybody else have a tenor...
  18. pdxuke

    Another Near Mint Martin If I didn't already have one arriving Tuesday that was just as nice, I'd be going for this. Anybody wants a sparkling Martin--- here it is!
  19. pdxuke

    Cleaning Old Friction Tuners

    Hi All: I have a Martin c40s Tenor that has very stiff friction tuners. I'm going to put new strings on this weekend. Should I take the tuners apart and clean them? WD40? What should I do to spruce them up? Thanks!
  20. pdxuke

    Customs Question

    Hi Friends; Some of you know I have a Martin baritone coming from Folkways Music to me in Portland, Oregon. I wonder if you might know something about when it passes through customs? Like all of us do, I've been watching the Fedex tracking online. The uke arrived in Buffalo, NY, and then...