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    Aldrine and Victor Kim who?

    I randomly stumbled across this video. I was watching a happyslip video and thought, "Hey, it's that Quest Crew guy," and clicked to his profile—voila! He's playing uke with Aldrine! What a random combination, but it works!
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    New Breedlove Ukulele Prices Original estimates were going to be set at $999, but it looks like they will unfortunately start at $1,339. I still haven't seen any pictures of the production models. I'm slightly disappointed. Oh, well. :(
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    Original UU Jam Tracks

    "I've just had an apostrophe. Lightning... has just struck my brain." What if UU had its own download-able backing tracks to help us with soloing and improvisation? :drool:
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    non-uke related valentine's day ideas

    Unfortunately, the perfect ideas can't always be reused each year. Share some of your awesome ideas. Ukulele serenades are pretty obvious, so I don't think it needs to be restated. P.S. Never combine ideas into one. Lesson learned. haha
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    leader board solution

    I don't want to prevent them from their own thread (it's fun to read from time to time), but maybe posts in the leader board thread shouldn't count. I used to be in a forum with an Off-Topic section similar to leader board where the posts simply don't count. Something just feels missing without...
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    Duncan reminded me of Alan (UKISOCIETY)

    Alan, I just started to notice a resemblance between you and frequent Onion News Network guest Duncan Birch. Am I just crazy? :nana:
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    Runaway Pinky during Warm-ups

    Edit:hmm... It was supposed to say "Runaway Pinky during warm-ups." Not sure what happened. "the worm" Well, you know how you're supposed to keep your fingers as close to the fretboard as possible? My pinky flies up...
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    Congrats to deach on Rep!

    I think I just bumped him to up 100+ rep for an amazing two (2) green bars! :D You definitely deserve this one. Here's to deach! :cheers:
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    Congrats to seeso on Rep!

    I just noticed this, but seeso has reached an amazing two (2) green bars! A UU first! I'm speculating that his rep has reached 100+! At 150, he'll have "a spectacular aura about." Thanks for contributing so much to the forum. We greatly appreciate it. :smileybounce: EDIT: he has 150+ now!
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    I can afford a custom uke, but...

    So I'm planning on having a dream custom ukulele built by a company whose name I will not yet specify. I told them all the general specs. They got back to me and said they could do everything but with two changes: Slotted headstock veneer can only be koa saying, "Ebony is only available on...
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    Oceana Ukuleles

    Did anyone else check out the Oceana ukulele booth at the SoCalUkeFest? Those ukes are pretty legit. I think their logo could use a bit of work (a little too wild for the sophisticated look of the instrument), but that's pretty insignificant in the scope of things. I think they wanted to talk...
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    Dd anyone happen go to Derick Sebastian's strumming for pā’ani workshop during the SoCalUkeFest? I missed out on that workshop. I don't even know what pā’ani is. Fill me in, please. :)
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    Ukulele Drama board

    I'd like to propose the creation of the "Ukulele Drama" board. This would be the not-so-bright side of UU. Users could rant and gossip in a board specifically for that purpose, so others who wish to avoid it can simply not read the threads listed in the Ukulele Drama board. Also threads that...
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    ABDC Season 4

    For those interested, here's my assessment of the crews. Massive Monkeys: great b-boy crew like Super Cr3w. Rhythm City: great choreo crew (my favorite this season). Fr3sh: already eliminated. i think they got nervous and blew it. We Are Heroes: must've been formed just for the show. they can...
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    Ukulele on Proper Words for Private Parts feat. the Fonz! If you'd like to skip to the ukulele part, it's at 1:29, but the rest is so entertaining, I don't see why you'd want to skip to it... lol I did a quick search and didn't see anyone post this one yet. I see negative rep in my future. :o
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    I think every-so-often I might be on ustream just for kicks when I have free time. Just come and lounge around or possibly get a cohost. CURRENT STATUS: OFFLINE
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    WTB: Ukulele Hero T-shirt (small/medium)

    I'm looking to buy one of those Ukulele Hero shirts from T-Shirt Hell / Band Geek Hero / TorsoPants. For some reason, I thought that these shirts would always be available. I should have bought one (or two) when I had the chance. Any colour will do (dark blue or dark purple), but if you were to...
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    Bringing Your Soprano Strings Back to Life

    This is a simple technique for sopranos if you feel like your strings have become too quiet and feel like noodles. Simply take tune it a whole step up from traditional C-tuning (gCEA) to D-tuning (aDF#B)! Many soprano sets were made for D-tuning in the first place. You'll find that your old...
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    ORCAS - still stretching?

    I've had my ORCAS black fluorocarbons on my tenor for about 18 days now, and they're still stretching! I know it takes longer to stretch when you simply tune it to key and play, but good gracious... D'addario Pro Arté J71s didn't even take that long. At this point, should I even try pull...
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    mahogany concert decisions

    I'm deciding on a new ukulele. Mainland Mahogany Concert set up by Mike or Ohana CK-35G set up by Michael? I've sorta narrowed it down to that. Similarities: all solid mahogany concert size 14 frets to body (19 total) genuine bone nut + saddle rosewood fretboard + bridge price range...