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  1. Diogenes Blue

    Blue Frog Long Neck Soprano

    Thank you! The long neck soprano is sold. Thanks errybody!
  2. Diogenes Blue

    Blue Frog Long Neck Soprano

    SOLD! $275 include shipping in the lower 48. PLEASE READ description! This one had issues so it's been hanging around in the shop for a couple of years, occasionally being played, so it has a few light scratches on it and one noticeable scratch on the top. $275 is about a third of what I'd...
  3. Diogenes Blue

    New member

    In the past I radiused the whole top on my 12 fret sopranos and so I have a slight neck angle, then scrape and sand the radius into the fretboard past the 12th fret. I've seen youtube video of a well known guitar luthier that does the same. I did that on a couple of 15 fret sopranos and it was...
  4. Diogenes Blue

    Laminated end block

    I've been using birch ply for many ukes now for reasons given in the thread. Before that I used mahogany or poplar I laminated myself, depending on what I had on hand. I really feel like the birch ply is the best option all around.
  5. Diogenes Blue

    OK what's this black stuff.

    I've been pore filling my black walnut using ebony Timber Mate water based wood filler thinned a bit. I love the look. I'll probably do it on the next mahogany uke I build, with a dark red stain and maybe a darker burst.
  6. Diogenes Blue

    SOLD - Blue Frog Long Neck Soprano

    The uke is sold. Thanks y'all!
  7. Diogenes Blue

    SOLD - Blue Frog Long Neck Soprano

    Thanks, youz guys. Price reduced to $575.00
  8. Diogenes Blue

    SOLD - Blue Frog Long Neck Soprano

    Missed a photo.
  9. Diogenes Blue

    SOLD - Blue Frog Long Neck Soprano

    SOLD Concert scale (14.7") soprano made by me. Black walnut back and sides, spruce top, mahogany neck, ebony fretboard with a 12" radius, rosewood bridge, cherry binding, bone nut and saddle, Martin strings, Gotoh tulip style UPT tuners, hand rubbed oil finish. Radiused top and back, Super...
  10. Diogenes Blue

    My Last Build - Concert with Inlay

    Thanks for the kind words, y'all. I can't believe I didn't get a better shot of that inlay. Here's a shot of it on the inlay bench.
  11. Diogenes Blue

    My Last Build - Concert with Inlay

    This was the last uke I completed. I'm feeling better again and will start completing some back burner ukes and start some new stuff I have drawn up. Black walnut back and sides, Douglas fir top, mahogany neck, Gotoh UPT tuners. I couldn't get the colors in the inlay to show up on camera. The...
  12. Diogenes Blue

    What's happening in your shed?

    Thanks for the kind words guys. I noticed I did a duplicate post so I made a mistake and deleted the first one which evidently removed the photos so here they are again. Blue frog inlay on a Blue Frog soprano.
  13. Diogenes Blue

    What's happening in your shed?

    Super Soprano waiting for its Gotoh UPT tuners.
  14. Diogenes Blue

    mummified Necks

    This jig keeps everything flat during glue-up. I've had to make all new ones since changing to a radiused fretboard. After I attach a hinged headstock caul, they'll also be used for final neck shaping. That's a sopranino neck, which fits on the soprano jig. I cut the fret slots with a thin kerf...
  15. Diogenes Blue

    Bosch Coltified Fretboard Radius Jig

    Built this jig yesterday. The black plastic base on the Colt protrudes a bit so I routed channels in the radius thingies and it slides in and out . I'll replace the part that slides in after the router with one made out of hardwood with threaded inserts and a couple of those black knob bolt...
  16. Diogenes Blue

    Tenor Ukulele Photoset

    Here's a tenor back and side set made from aromatic eastern red cedar. Very pretty but not the same as that gorgeous cedar top on Pete's uke.
  17. Diogenes Blue

    What's happening in your shed?

    Yard sale find I picked up yesterday. Tested it today and it works smoothly, and sooooo quiet compared to my electric. I was wanting a Dynabrade for a long time but this DA runs comparably. I asked the guy how much for his air tools and he said, "A buck a piece." lol... I grabbed this and a...
  18. Diogenes Blue

    Handmade Blue Frog Soprano #41 - Solid Black Walnut and Spruce- Special discount

    Solid black walnut back and sides Sitka spruce top Mahogany neck - modern C shape Bolted neck joint Cherry binding in body, fretboard, and headstock Ebony fretboard Ebony headstock veneer with mother of pearl Blue Frog logo Ebony bridge Mother of pearl fretboard markers Black side dots 1-3/8...