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  1. Nickie

    Strap reccomendations?

    Haha,it hurts to look at it!
  2. Nickie

    Why are people so afraid of Music Theory?

    I had a college course like that. It was called 'Genetics'.
  3. Nickie

    Why are people so afraid of Music Theory?

    I am in no way proud of my ignorance. I dislike being ignorant. But music theory confuses me very quickly, beyond the very 101 basics. I haven't the time nor the desire to dive deeply into it. Now, maybe if I were 22 instead of 72..... None of my music teachers showed any desire to teach me theory.
  4. Nickie

    Distressed finishes: getting out of hand?

    My own ukulele looks distressed, but I did myself, with my own fingernails and skin oils, not on purpose, it just happens, by playing it. This thing just looks fake.
  5. Nickie

    Newbie following in some footsteps.

    Satan, you say?!?!?!?!
  6. Nickie

    NUD - Martin 0 Tenor Sinker Mahogany

    Congrats. Nothing like a Martin.
  7. Nickie

    New Ken Timms on eBay!

    I find it amazing that Kenn still has the energy and the ability to do this. I could in no way attempt this kind of detailed, hard work. My mom is gonna be 94 in a few weeks, and she has no desire to touch a computer. She doesn't even own a microwave oven, and carries a flip phone in her car...
  8. Nickie

    Newbie following in some footsteps.

    I'm incensed by the suggestion, how dare you! /S
  9. Nickie

    Kamaka Price Increase

    "I think overall uke sales will decrease not from this Kamaka price increase but from the end of COVID lockdowns." I kinda doubt it. My beginner workshop class sizes are slightly up in attendee numbers than just before COVID. I'm handing out fewer loaners, as more of them walk in with newly...
  10. Nickie

    Today's Chuckle

    I thought I was gonna die. I laughed so hard I passed gas!
  11. Nickie


    I almost guessed Royal Enfield, until I read all of your post!
  12. Nickie

    Seeking fingering advice for lefty playing right-handed ukulele

    I'm partially left side dominant, and I leaned to play right handed. It's just a whole lot less hassle. Less than 10% of my beginner students have learned to play left handed. They're unique! But whatever you decide is best for you, good luck!
  13. Nickie

    SOTU 579 That's Crackers!

    Crackers used to mean the same as bonkers.
  14. Nickie

    Strap reccomendations?

    I prefer the thinnest straps of soft leather that I can find. I don't recall the maker, but 2 of them are mandolin straps. The wide ones a lot of people use make me very uncomfortable. I don't trust the hook straps, seen too many people drop ukuleles with them. I recommend getting a strap button...
  15. Nickie

    What did you do today? Anything hobby-related.

    Yesterday we did a St Patty's Day show (duh). We didn't have our lead player, and we did very poorly. It was a near full house, too. I don't want to send the ALF an invoice. I did have fun singing All For Me Grog, and Brennan on the Moor. After that, I had a much needed Irish Coffee to calm...
  16. Nickie

    Resisting the new uke temptation

    Well, I think I'm diving in again. I took a list of loose build specs to luthier Donna LoPrinzi....
  17. Nickie

    What did you do today? Anything hobby-related.

    Last eve I taught another beginner workshop.
  18. Nickie

    To the more experienced players - Have you held onto your first ukulele?

    No, but I have the 2nd one. a friend needed the 1st one, as his was stolen, so I gave it to him.
  19. Nickie

    For Those of You Who Play at Nursing Homes - A Look at Some of Your Audience

    We don't play in SNFS per se. But I've worked in a few, saddest places I ever saw. We do play in several ALFs. For the most part, they are alert and attentive, some even come up to us and offer to tow our gear to the bandwagon at the end. I just read the other day where the last year of life is...