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  1. Lanark

    If I Told You, You'd Cry

    If I Told You, You'd Cry A solo instrumental thing. Just did this a little while ago after messing around with it for a couple of weeks. I had time and need to get it out of my system for a bit. Never let living under a flight path deter you from a complete take.
  2. Lanark

    Where Eagles Dare

    I have a day off today and nothing better to do than record a video of Where Eagles Dare by the Misfits. Played on an Ohana sopranino (with Fremont strings) tuned ADF#B for maximum evil and ridiculousness.
  3. Lanark

    The Sun & My Baby Blues - a bit of risque hokum

    The Sun & My Baby Blues A little risque hokum of the type I occasionally give into writing when I've got nothing better to do and don't feel like reigning in my creative process for more constructive purposes. It's a little blues number made 17.5% more authentic sounding by a head cold and the...
  4. Lanark


    A song I did for a dear friend of mine who's been going through a bit of a rough patch lately. She's seen it, so I pass it along since bad days are universal. Strong Language. Viewer discretion is advised. So play it louder. TTG
  5. Lanark

    Pick-up The World Pickups

    I was doing a bit of poking around exploring pickup options without much in particular in mind beyond knowing a bit more about what the options are. (Which is a good way to do some ukulele related shopping without any intentions of purchase) I came across a brand that I had not previously heard...
  6. Lanark

    Wally & May

    Wally & May It really is the first thing I ever came up with on an ukulele. The wife and I were and I were in HI for her grandfather's funeral and I kind of plucked the original parts for this out by ear on the Kumalae that the person we were staying with had laying around. It's gotten a bit...
  7. Lanark

    Milfoil Presentation Blues

    Milfoil Presentation Blues This was originally a little bit of music that I put together as a soundtrack for a group Power Point presentation that I had to do for a Biology class last semester. Unfortunately when we did our actual presentation we couldn't get the sound to work. But we did get...
  8. Lanark

    What It Isn't (- it's a riddle song)

    What It Isn't This is the other original from the event I played at last week (9/17/11) before a screening of "White Mane" at the Minneapolis Public Library as part of the Childish Films series. It's rather silly. You have been warned.
  9. Lanark

    What passes for a children's song

    I played for a children's film series this morning at the downtown Minneapolis library this morning and set up my laptop to get a capture of it. I forgot to record the first one, but here's one of the original's that I finished up especially for the event. I worked very hard on my diction...
  10. Lanark

    Ewe-bunctious - It's kind of a rag, I think

    A bit more playing around with the webcam and a number of takes later and I got "Ewe-bunctious" documented for the world to see with the least number of personal mistakes that would bother me but nobody else would notice. It really was the 2nd piece I concocted for the uke after I picked it...
  11. Lanark

    Winter Dragging On (tk 2)

    A quick video to try out the webcam on a new laptop. It's tad fast, but I'm slightly over-caffeinated this morning. May or may not be worth your time, but I have a few things I'll be making later on that I just may put more time into.
  12. Lanark

    Uke sighting : Little Big Planet 2

    In the Opening video at the start before the game loads there's a lovely young lady playing ukulele for whatever that's worth to you. Little Big Planet 2 Opening We've been playing it pretty solid for the last couple weeks and got a chuckle at this. My guess is that she's got a painted Ohana...
  13. Lanark

    Twin Cities Ukulele Orchestra on the Palace Stage at Wild Tymes in St. Paul 10/23/10

    I did some fast and nasty editing this morning. This is a quartet version of the TCUO as one member couldn't make this last minute fill in gig. Mad World Cry Me a River Let's Get Drunk & Truck
  14. Lanark

    Casanova Custom Ukuleles Carbon Fiber Uke

    Well, I saw a poorly listed eBay auction for a tenor uke with a carbon fiber back and the brand name of Casanova. I did some internet sleuthing and hooked that up with an Hawaiian maker named Stephen Sydow who showed at the 2010 UGH show. From that I was able to find this short vid by MGM at the...
  15. Lanark

    Twin Cities Ukulele Orchestra live at Hymie's Vintage Records

    I started posting some of the video of the TCUO performance from a few weeks back at Hymie's Vintage Records for Record Store Day 2010. You all know how the Youtubes work, so here's the link to our version of the old standard "Bye Bye Blues" to get you all started. If you're still interested...
  16. Lanark

    TCUO playing for Record Store Day at Hymie's Vintage Records.

    It seems like the first flickr sets for the day's events are starting to show up. This one fortunately has the money shots of the Twin Cities Ukulele Orchestra tearing it up in the .25 record room in the basement. It was a blast and if you're in the Twin Cities and jonesing for some vinyl...
  17. Lanark

    TCUO plays Record Store Day at Hymie's Vintage Records in Mpls.

    I forgot to post this earlier, but the Twin Cities Ukulele Orchestra is playing today at 4pm at Hymie's Vintage Records on Lake St today, April 17, 2010 for national Record Store Day There's a whole slew of folks playing there across the whole day and it's their last day in that space before...
  18. Lanark

    Twin Cities Ukulele Orchestra vs. Art Attack

    The TCUO has swung us a last second gig playing at Art Attack 2009 in the Northrup King Building on Nov. 7 at 6:30pm The show is at the Northrup King Building 1500 Jackson St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 in the Rusted Open space: Suite 402a Come on down and hear all the new stuff we've been...
  19. Lanark

    Little Big Planet

    Anybody want to hook me up with their favorite community levels to try?
  20. Lanark

    Minnesota State Fair Today! (aka Tues. Sept 1)

    If anybody's going to the Minnesota State Fair today. (and you ought to, you know.) the Twin Cities Ukulele Orchestra is going to be plying our racket at the Farmers Union building between the hours of 2pm and 6pm for a few sets. Come on by and watch us obey the laws of Diminishing Returns and...