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    Coming back from the grave

    Not really. I was fresh out of high school when I first joined this community. My career path led me to becoming a filmmaker and one of people I work with is great with his guitar, which kind of inspired me to pick up the 'ol ukulele again for fun. This place brings back so many memories. We...
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    Help finding an electric ukulele

    Okay first off I've been playing for a few years. I had a Makala Concert and a Lanikai CK-TEQ which is electric. But that was around four years ago and I just recently started playing again. I personally don't own an uke anymore, I just play with my girlfriend's Lanikai Concert. Anyways, reason...
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    What do you think of my first music video?

    I haven't posted in here for awhile, but I used to post tabs (look for threads/posts by me to find them! Such as Aldrine's "Ukulele Waltz"). Anyways, my friend just asked me to make a music video for him. I don't have real experience so I consider this my very first video to be seen by the...
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    Help finding chords for reggae song All Yours by Stranger

    Would appreciate help finding out potential chords for the song All Yours by Stranger, a local San Diego band. They're sort of "underground" in the sense that there isn't much about them other than their website and a small YouTube channel. The song could be found here:
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    I swear this kid is taking over!

    He was known for rippin it on the guitar, then people were stunned that he can do it on the piano, now he grabs an ukulele and puts all of us to shame! And I'm betting someone from here was the one that gave an uke to him and taught him Ukulele Weeps by Jake haha
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    What song is this? Island jam The first song. I know the second song. Something like "i remember when you walked by.. once in a lifetime.. i'll always be next to you.." lol
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    RIP Nujabes

    After listening to Guting's cover on Nujabes' Aruarian Dance today, I also found out he passed away on February. Yeah I just found out. Anyways, I just wanted to do a little tribute. This one is dedicated to him and his fans (it's not an uke cover lol):
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    a little rap !

    totally non-uke related: i dedicated it to my beautiful gf :) so some things i said you guys probably won't get just wanted to share. collabs with my gf and i or just one of us are welcome just talk to me! subscribe...
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    Let's Just Be - Neyo / Miguel Jontel Please?
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    B.O.B. - Nothing On You Please!
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    are there webcam jam sessions?

    has this ever happened?
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    Piano Forte on Piano?

    Has anyone done this? There's no vid of Jake doing it on the piano or anyone that I could find. Just curious :)
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    Concert Makala MK-C for sale in San Diego!
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    New member, not really

    I don't remember if I introduced myself properly when I first joined. I just watched the Town Hall video and I gotta show some respect haha. Well obviously I've joined long time ago but yeah I just started playing November of 08. I own three ukes, a toy soprano from my gf, Makala MK-C, and...
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    Low G tabs

    What's a good source for low g tabs? i know dominator has a few.
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    some uke covers!

    snippets! includes passion aj rafael ryan tedder george nozuka usher and alicia keys hah! no singing!
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    If I Say - Alain Cruz No chords/tabs online. Can I get some help? :) Chords will be fine.
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    Wanting a new uke: Baritone or 8 String?

    I have high G Soprano and Makala MK-C Concert and a Low G Lanikai CK-TEQ. I love my Tenor for some picking and of course strumming, and now I'd go to my Concert usually if it's straight up picking. I've had an 8 String on my mind for awhile but lately a Baritone came out of nowhere. I guess the...
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    Low G Tuning

    I bought my second set of Low G Tenor Strings after snapping my first because I was tuning it as a High G, haha. Well, I'd like to know how to tune a Low G since I never really heard it.
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    Aldrine - First Love - Utada I didn't know where to ask for this. Can someone tab??? :)