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  1. mikesurfer

    Ovation Applause Ukulele

    Everyone who says the Ovations suck ARE WRONG!!! I'm sick of the :spam:. :bowdown: Ovation rules! :bowdown: If your getting one make sure to put on Aquila strings- they definitely make the sound quality at least 50x better.
  2. mikesurfer

    Turkey In The Straw (Folk Song)

    help me please!
  3. mikesurfer

    99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger

    help please!
  4. mikesurfer

    Ovation Applause Ukulele

    im saving up.. but is it any good? :shaka:
  5. mikesurfer

    I'm Yours - Jason Mraz???

    i want to know how to play this song!!! all the websites dont sound right. im tuned to GCEA.