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  1. Dougf

    Nuages - Django Reinhardt

    Django's signature composition, with original French lyrics.
  2. Dougf

    "Estrellita" - chord melody

    Composed by Manuel Ponce, 1912.
  3. Dougf

    "It's a Feature, Not a Bug" - original

    Clinton's lead in the popular vote now surpasses 2 million.
  4. Dougf

    "The Sky Is Crying" - Elmore James

  5. Dougf

    Season 248 - Protest Songs

    Protest Songs Limit one official entry, and one bonus video. Your official entry must be newly recorded, your bonus can be new or one from your archives. The prize this week is my homemade ukulele #30, my first soprano. The soundboard is made from a piece of Huon Pine that Pa sent me. It was...
  6. Dougf

    "Como la Flor" - Selena

  7. Dougf

    "But Not For Me" - Gershwin

  8. Dougf

    Moanin' - hard bop 'ukulele

    In which I learned how 7#5#9 and 9(13) chords are related.
  9. Dougf


    Stretched my vocal range on this a bit, but I think the instrumental break turned out okay.
  10. Dougf

    Agua de Beber - Jobim

    Thought I'd try this in the original Portuguese.
  11. Dougf

    "Some Kind of Miracle" - original

    Life is...
  12. Dougf

    "Here's That Rainy Day"

    A jazz standard popularized by Sinatra, and although it didn't rain, I did get a little wet recording this.
  13. Dougf

    In A Sentimental Mood - Duke Ellington

  14. Dougf

    Ted Cruz Blues

  15. Dougf

    One for Earth Day

  16. Dougf

    Don't Get Around Much Anymore

    Been doing a little woodshedding.
  17. Dougf

    Unforgettable/Route 66

    In memory of Natalie Cole.
  18. Dougf

    Season 198 - 12 Bar Originals

    I forgot to mention that the prize this week is my homemade ukulele #25, the one I was playing in the video. This week is for your original songs based on the 12-bar blues progression, either written this week or your oldies, just make a new video. Any of the following: - Original song using...
  19. Dougf

    Moving up the neck part 1 - minor 7th and minor 6th chords

    A tutorial on the minor 7th and minor 6th chord families for the ukulele, and the shapes used when moving up the neck.
  20. Dougf

    What's happening in your shed?

    Someday I want to build a timber frame shed. Well, realistically it may never happen, but in the meantime I decided to build a scale model to help familiarize myself with the layout and the various joints required. Maybe this will help get it out of my system for a while. In any case, it's been...