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  1. tozan

    Ryan's Guitar(s)?

    I got to see Ryan and Aldrine play at the So Cal Ukulele Festival in Cerritos. I think there was something posted a while back (over a year ago) but I can't seem to find what guitar(s) Ryan plays. All I could see was that it was black.
  2. tozan

    Ukuleles in the News:

    Pixies - Black Francis with a Ukulele On the front page of the LA Times Calendar Section there is a small picture of him holding a ukulele. It's hard to tell if it's a baritone or a tenor. The band starts a three-show stand tonight at the Hollywood Palladium Unfortunately the picture is not on...
  3. tozan

    Where is Rayan?

    If Aldrine is on the mainland, where in the world is Rayan? Any guesses?
  4. tozan

    New Yamaha Guitalele GL-1

    My curiosity got the better of me and my wallet. I just received my Yamaha GL-1 Guitalele from Long & McQuade in Vancouver, Canada. I just followed the directions given by ChiyoDad on his blog. Ordering by phone was easy and the salesman, Jovahn, was very helpful. It took about 15 minutes to...
  5. tozan

    Cool Me Down - Full Live Band - Facemeltingukulele

    Just found this. I'm always amazed on how versatile an instrument the ukulele is and how many great sounds can come out of it.
  6. tozan

    Wii - Music Ukulele Demonstration

    Wow!, now you don't even need a ukulele:confused::rolleyes::):D
  7. tozan

    Olympics Theme For Ukulele

    Are they anywhere to be found?
  8. tozan

    Ukuleles in Movies

    Adam Sandlers's "50 First Dates". Just watched it on dvd. On the cover they show a 4 string ukulele but in the movie he plays a 6 string. I think you have to go the special features to actually see that it is a Kamaka. How's that for "ukulele obsessed". Any other sightings or soundings from...
  9. tozan

    Paint It Black - Rolling Stones TABS?

    I found some tabs for the intro but need help with the rest of the song. :confused: Thanks from a newbie.