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    high end shops on Maui.

    Guys is there a goto shop on Maui for higher end uke's. I have yet to find a soprano that I like in the usual places and well I will be on the island for about 10 days. Unfortunately I will only be on Maui for this trip and will not get to any of the other islands.
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    Legality of building with banned wood's / Ivory.

    So looking for some advice here, I have bought another bellow piano yesterday, markings show a build date of 1832 or 1882. More then likely its 1832. I bought the thing for parts, I needed the tops of the keys for some restoration work. The bellows and gone and the keys are beyond repair and...
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    Best traditional off the shelf Soprano made today.

    Any idea's on who is making the best traditional bodied full Koa soprano's right now for pure strumming? I have been looking at the usual K brand suspects and I have not been blown away. Have not had a chance to give a Ko'aloha a swing yet. This is just for basic on the porch style playing no...
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    WTB High build level Soprano. (Ko'olau 300+, Kanile'a K3+, Glyph, Kamaka HF-3+)

    Starting to look for a high level soprano. Something like a Ko'olau 300+, or Kanile'a K3+. Willing to also look at another Glyph, or custom of compatible quality. Cash or Trade. . I am a known collector, references available if required for trade. Traditional body shape preferred Willing...
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    WTS Custom 8 String Spruce/Koa/Ebony Kanile'a Tenor.

    WTS Price 1800$ + fees. New cost 3.2-3.5K+ AND 12 month build Damage to hand and the new grand piano purchase forces sale. Features Made by Joe and Kristan Suza 3A Koa Sides, Back, 5A Spruce top. Ebony fingerboard, Ebony Top Plate ebony bridge, Mop Tuners, Flat Headstock, New logo...
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    1919 K52 Steinway, Period Restoration.

    Need to clear some space figured I would offer this up here first at a low price until I move it on to more established channels. Will trade for a uke, Moore Betta, Kanile'a K4+, Ko'olau 300+, Shrine, or 2500 in cash. Specifics 1919 K52 Cut down, Rebuilt in 1952, and again about 2 years ago...
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    Kanilea ukulele 50th Pictures?

    Has anybody got pictures of this uke. I passed on ordering one, kind of regretting it now. I know there are a few other there used but wanted to see a picture or two before I committed.
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    Jake 8th Febuary Belly Up (Tickets still avaliable)

    Jake is playing locally today at Belly up. Just got my tickets, still available as of 10:45 or so this morning. Will be there in ukulele underground colors. Its a 21+ show though. Link
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    Wooden surfboard supplier?

    Anybody here know of a shaper or builder who does hollow core wooden boards in the states. Looking for something 9 6' -9 10', chest high waves, sand break, 2.5+, prefer removable single fin in a 8-10.
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    Specs on the 50th Kanile'a ukes.

    I had a few requests for the specs on the 50th state ukes from Kanile'a in another post. Joe gave me the go ahead to post the specs and a few people had asked for them. I have the pricing info as well but given the nature of these I would expect that you would be better off calling Kristan and...
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    8 String Po'okela Custom Kanile'a

    Was ~4K new cost and ~8 month wait. Asking 2.5K O.B.O. I am open to offers. You will never see soething like this again for sale. Spruce top, Koa back and sides, ebony binding/headstock/bridge. Lacewood under the logo. MOP tuners in 14kt pulled back. Condition ~8.5 Has been gigged has a few...
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    MMMMMMM Steinway Piano Soon.

    I got my piano, have no idea how I got the price i did but a modern New York build would have been ~30K+ Put a deposit going to have it delivered on Wednesday is a 1920 Steinway 52 Mahogany/Spruce. The case had been refinished ~70%, new hammers, new key tops, new casters, new felt, all...
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    Tab for "ode to a frozen boot" James Hill.

    Way way way long shot but does anybody have the tab for any of ode to a frozen boot by James hill. I have no chance of attempting it but there are some just amazing chord runs in it that I would love to learn. This is the video he plays way to fast on a cruddy video to even attempt it with my...
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    FS/T Moore Betta 6 String Koa

    Putting this up for trade or sale, will take another Chuck Moore or Kanile'a in a 4 string in trade, anything beyond a NSU or K4 respectively in spec. This is due to my left hand arthritis, which is getting worse. I am having trouble with double string ukes. Asking 1850$ which is a steal for a...
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    Something even worse the UAS, CAS.

    Ukulele acquisitions are down, I have not even been looking on eBay for the last year. So of course another affliction, or so I think, my CAS has kicked in. (Car acquisition symptoms) I thought I had it licked but..... Someone bought the Viper truck today, sold the 55 dodge, sold the BMW last...
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    Custom Kanile'a 8 String

    Custom Kanile'a 8 String (Spruce/Koa/Ebony K5ish) Features Made by Joe and Kristan Suza 3A Koa Sides, Back, SPRUCE top. Ebony fingerboard, Ebony Top Plate ebony bridge, Mop Tuners, Flat Headstock, New logo Lacewood. UV Spray (Tenor) Compensated Pin Bridge (compensated...
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    Ko'olau T1 (Stock/Modified)

    Features Made by Ko'olau and family. 2A Koa Body, Rosewood Neck, Koa Top Plate, Black tuners, logo in MOP Matte Rub (Tenor) Non Compensated Tie Bridge. Neck is thin and fast, slightly sticky when new. Comes with a HARD case, cards. Action, Fit & Finish Its a Ko'olau...
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    Ko'olau CE1 Koa (Stock)

    Features Made by Ko'olau and family. 1-2A Solid Koa Body, Rosewood Neck, Koa Top Plate, Gold tuners, logo in MOP Matte Spray/Rub (Tenor) Non Compensated Tie Bridge. Neck is thin and fast, strange stickiness when new. Comes with a HARD case, cards. Action, Fit & Finish...
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    Moore Betta Ukulele (6 String Full Koa)

    Features Made by Chuck Moore 3.5A Koa Body, Sides, Back. Rosewood Neck, Koa Top Plate, Gold tuners, Inlayed Headstock. Rope Binding and Rossette. Polyurethane. I Think (6 string Tenor) Tuned gcCeaa Tie Bridge. Traditional neck with amazing heel design. Fastest...
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    Kanile'a Super Tenor (Koa Custom K5)

    Features Made by Joe and Kristan Suza MasterGrade Koa Body, Sides, Back. Rosewood Neck, Koa Top Plate, Gold tuners, Open Headstock, old logo in MOP UV Spray (Super Tenor) Compensated Pin Bridge. Neck Old Style Kanile'a, chunky but fast Comes with a case, humidifier...