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  1. blue_knight_usa

    Prayers for the Big Island

    600+ homes and structures as of this morning apparently. My father lost his house in the fires in N. California as did many of my friends (my best man from my wedding, many I worked with, this past October in Santa Rosa, CA. (why I have been offline a while). He has the clothes on his back and...
  2. blue_knight_usa

    Retune a Ukulele and you get a Cuatro from Venezuela! Here is an interesting thing: The cuatro of Venezuela has four single nylon strings, tuned (A4,D5,F♯5,B4) or (A3,D4,F♯4,B3). It is similar in shape and tuning to the ukulele, but their character and playing technique are vastly different. It is tuned...
  3. blue_knight_usa

    FS: MINT 1950’s Martin Baritone w Tortise binding!

    FS: MINT 1960 Martin Baritone w Tortise binding! Hi Everyone, I am selling my MINT Martin Baritone uke that I had purchased from the original owner (90 years old). After getting a custom Collings 12 fret guitar, I am playing that and no longer the Baritone. There is one small buckle imprint on...
  4. blue_knight_usa

    Sugar Man - Sixto Rodriguez (Ukulele Cover) If you have not heard of Sixto Rodriguez "The Sugar Man" you should watch the documentary SUGAR MAN. It is an incredible story about Sixto who didn't sell a single album in the U.S. but sold millions of albums in South Africa of all...
  5. blue_knight_usa

    UBASS Recommendations ??

    Hi All, I'm looking to pick up a Ubass. I know Kala is out there but do any of you have different brands you have purchased? Acoustic with a pickup or electric Ubass? What kind of pickup came with your Ubass? I'm going to look for a used one just to make sure I like it but I'm digging the...
  6. blue_knight_usa

    beginner buyer, new or vintage?

    Moku is one I continually suggest to folks as I have played and had others in that price range. All solid wood, beautiful real inlay logo, rosewood fretboard, real abalone fret makerts, and incredible workmanship. Bought one for my daughter after checking out others (Pono, Ohana, Kala)...
  7. blue_knight_usa

    Tips for NUD post? Especially taking pics

    For photos, you can use a simple overhead light with diffused lighting. If you like taking photo's you can make your own light out of a painter''s light with those clamps from Home Depot with the big silver dish. You just tape Wax Paper over the front of the dish and you are all set! I use a...
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    Tenor to Baritone - stuck in chord hell. please!

    Southcoast has an HMU-NW (Heavy Medium Guage No Wound). You'll see the circle in the green for the 4th down which indicates it's not high tension, more of standard or slightly less than standard (medium) tension. I have these on my 1950's Martin Baritone and they work fine. I think this is...
  9. blue_knight_usa Worldwide Uke Collaboration

    Hi All, I know a lot of folks don't look at the Regional Gatherings so I wanted to post up something I am trying to get going for ukers everywhere. It is a virtual uke jam. Here is the posting for reference...
  10. blue_knight_usa

    UkuleleJay's WORLDWIDE UKEJAM By The Internet on (DO IT!)

    Hi Everyone, I am starting a virtual "Worldwide UkeJam By The Internet"..the first of it's kind that is perpetual with no end date, 24/7/365, and it start's now! if you have not heard of it is a collaboration website that let's you record tracks with video using your webcam with...
  11. blue_knight_usa

    Mammoth v Elephant Ivory nut,saddle, do you really know?

    We had a herd pass through in Tarangire and then hung out with us for about 30 minutes eating. It was a very moving experience seeing them interact with each other, socializing and playing. Yes, culling seems to be a necessary evil which was never needed until people got involved. Hopefully...
  12. blue_knight_usa

    Mammoth v Elephant Ivory nut,saddle, do you really know?

    I pulled this post from another thread as a topic came up that I thought was interesting and really was better suited as a post. For those interested in identification, this is a good reference. I was on safari in Africa and saw the slaughtered ivory confiscated in a shipping container. Much of...
  13. blue_knight_usa

    Uke'n Talk Vintage Episode 12 - Anton Abreo (Extremely Rare Late 1800's-1905)

    Hi Everyone, this is one of only a handful of Anton Abreo's known in the world today, and certainly one of the handful that actually plays! The research from Ryan on this instrument was extensive, tracing it's roots of the builder back to Portugal. Here is one of the first Portuguese builders...
  14. blue_knight_usa

    UkeJam By The Bay 2015 Slideshow

    Hello All, I finally got the slideshow done and it's now posted. Thanks to everyone for coming (all 50+) and making it a huge success.
  15. blue_knight_usa

    Uke-n-Talk Vintage Episode 11 - Ukulele Mfg. Co.

    Hi Everyone, this story is very interesting with the history of the instrument being traced back to the early 1900's...listen how this instrument really wasn't made where some folks might think it was. Episode 11: PREVIOUS EPISODES: Episode 1...
  16. blue_knight_usa

    Uke'n Talk Vintage - Episode 10 (Regal Style 5ish)

    We're back with Episode 10, and this one is a really cool Regal you don't find everyday. PREVIOUS EPISODES: Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Episode 4:
  17. blue_knight_usa

    Lucille Ball (Lucky) playing Ukulele...awesome video!

    I was adding this song to my UkeJam list because it's such a great group uke song and came across this video. For those of us who watched Lucy, I never saw this episode until now. Pretty cool she played the uke!
  18. blue_knight_usa

    UkeJam By The Bay - Sat. May 30th, 2015. San Francisco (OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT)

    3RD ANNUAL UKULELE JAY'S UKEJAM BY THE BAY 2015 FLYER HERE:'s%20UkeJam%20By%20The%20Bay%202015.pdf?dl=0 Featuring: Uke Ellington from Santa Cruz, CA. (Led by Rick Tuner) and Sylvie Simmons, San Francisco, CA. (Author of Leonard Cohen's...
  19. blue_knight_usa

    They're Red Hot or Hot Tamales and They're Red Hot

    Here is a Robert Johnson cover originally done in 1936. I slowed it down a little but then realized I should of used my resonator. Oh well, next time!
  20. blue_knight_usa

    Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl (Uke and Harmonica) Another duo that works with both uke and harmonica. Cheers!