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  1. applescruff

    "Home" by Misty Miller ^ Here's a link to the song. So far, I've got A as the first chord... Then (2,2,0,0) and (1,1,0,0) just in the intro. I'm pretty sure about the first two chords. If you watch the video, I'm pretty sure an...
  2. applescruff

    "Bones" by Misty Miller Here's the link if the player doesn't work: I just want the chords for this one, guys! I love, love, love this and would like to try it out...
  3. applescruff

    How do I play with a duet with a guitar?

    Is there anyway to transpose either my chords or the guitars so that we can play together?
  4. applescruff

    I need serious help with "Chucking!" :(

    Hey, I've been playing for about a month and absolutely cannot wrap my head around chucking... I've watched about 12342345 youtube tutorials telling me to "slap" the uke or just strum quicker. Nothing helps! Here's me trying to chuck. Perhaps you'll see something in my form? The closest I can...
  5. applescruff

    Another Ukulele Lady

    Hey, guys, I'm Chelsea, and although I've only been playing for about a month now, I have quickly fallen in love with uke! I have cheap little a soprano Makai which travels with me everywhere. Other than uke, I play the saxophone, piano, and flute, so, yes, I've been a band nerd my whole life...