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  1. frisbee fred

    SOTU 551 -- WINE!

    Yep, this song is actually about wine.
  2. frisbee fred

    SOTU 551 -- WINE!

    Have to join a party that is featuring wine!
  3. frisbee fred

    season 525 - needs and wants

    Made it a little late to the party this week but happy to be here.
  4. frisbee fred

    Season 520: 10th Anniversary Dance Party Extravaganza!

    I started listening to the Seasons around Season 45 and the first video I did I think was for Season 50. Hard to believe it's 470 Seasons later. There was an emphasis in some of those earlier Seasons to do songs in one take. So, in that spirit here's a little Jerry Jeff Walker....
  5. frisbee fred

    Season 514 - Seasonal Songs

    Haven't heard all the verses to this one in years so here you go.....
  6. frisbee fred

    Season 507:Bitter/sweet

    This song answers the question "Can I play a C#minor in rhythm?". I stopped counting after 19 takes and decided the answer was clearly, no, I can't. Battled this song all week. My favorite of Mr. Chapin's songs.
  7. frisbee fred

    Season 299 - New Kids On The Block

    Will post the summary below later tonight. Season Playlist
  8. frisbee fred

    Season 299 - New Kids On The Block

    As you can see this is a Season about "boy bands"................................... Ok, just kidding. Record songs by artists/groups that debuted after January 1, 2010. If the artist/group recorded an older song you can do the older song so long as you tell me in the write-up who the...
  9. frisbee fred

    NUD. Risa LP Electric Steel String Ukulele from Mim's Ukes. Awesome!

    This is now my new favorite ukulele. Probably will hold that spot for a long time. Been looking for one for awhile. When Mim was at NAMM she casually posted on facebook asking if anybody wanted one. Couldn't hit the send button fast enough. Can't say enough about how great the process was...
  10. frisbee fred

    Season 251 - It's Showtime!

    Yes you are!
  11. frisbee fred

    Season 251 - It's Showtime!

    Still a lot of good work left for Season 250. Don't start posting until after Midnight Hawaii time. This Season is all about show tunes. It can be from any kind of show. Movie, TV, Broadway, regional theater, or a completely unknown show that you know about. Since there are shows about...
  12. frisbee fred

    Gravity - John Mayer

    Possibly my favorite all time song. Recorded with a Lanikai Monkey Pod ukulele, Kala U-Bass and mixed in Mixcraft 7.
  13. frisbee fred

    Season 158 - We Three Kings

    Welcome to Season 158! We Three Kings - B.B. King, Albert King and Freddie King. Great blues artists all. At least two prizes will be given away. One will be for judged videos and one will be by random drawing. The prizes will be Vermont Maple Syrup. Might do something special for...
  14. frisbee fred

    Sixteen Tons

  15. frisbee fred

    Season 127 - Stories!

    Stories! If you were to read the lyrics of the song it would tell a story from start to finish. So, each song you post would be a complete short story. Here are some examples to help you understand what I am talking about: Cat's in the Cradle, Taxi, Hurricane, Atlantic City, Puff the Magic...
  16. frisbee fred

    Just ordered my....

    ...Kala Rumblr U-bass. Should get it in a week and a half or so. I've been thinking about getting one for a long time but couldn't find one to just try out. I did a couple of days ago and it was waaaaaay too much fun. Madsteffen I'll never be. But I can't wait until this arrives.......
  17. frisbee fred

    Season 102 is here!

    The bluer the better! Just the blues. It doesn't matter what kind of blues. If you have a question as to whether or not a song you want to do fits this theme just go ahead and do it without asking. I'm not turning anyone down. I want to hear about relationships gone bad, things that drive...
  18. frisbee fred

    Mahalo Steel String Ukulele

    I haven't been able to find much out about this uke. Mahalo has an inexpensive steel string uke (around $150 ish). Wondering if anyone has played it or has any comments. I was looking to by a steel string uke but can't find anyplace to try it. It's a lot less than the Eleuke/Teton steel...
  19. frisbee fred

    Season 77 of the Ukulele - Give My Regards To Broadway

    Greetings Fellow Ukulele Addicts and welcome to Season 77! Criteria for this week is simple - if it is song that has been in a Broadway show it will be accepted. Any Broadway show for any time period. I'll be giving several prizes based on criteria I have not yet come up with :-) However...