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  1. BUGOY

    You're Dreaming by Katchafire (Cover)

    Heres a video my band Almost Islanders covering the song Youre Dreaming by Katchafire, Uke Style... enjoy! pls subsribe! Mahalo! :shaka:
  2. BUGOY

    Aldrine on Kai&I Radio!! Aug. 25!!!

    August 25, 2009 listen to Kai&I radio at 3pm and 7pm (pacific std) to listen in on Aldrine Guerrero's Concert from the Pacific Arts Dance Studio in San Diego, CA, Featuring a special performance by Almost Islanders' own BJ, and a performance by Dustin AKA Tsud123. :rock: just click on the link...
  3. BUGOY

    PICTURES: Aldrine's uke workshop @ Pacific Arts Dance studio in SD

    So here they are! check em out, you might see another familiar youtube face in these pics! :D :shaka:
  4. BUGOY

    Custom Squiers...

    First up, a Squier Bullet Strat cost = $90 plus $6 for the black control knobs. painted the headstock, painted the pickups black and used woodgrain contact paper (sticker) on the pickguard and fret markers. was going to change the pickups but i actually really like the sound of it as is, and Yes...
  5. BUGOY

    PICTURES - SD Jam Session!

    and here they are. if you took pictures also, please post them here too! good times as always! :shaka:
  6. BUGOY

    DEACH has a Twin???

    So I was watching a music video by House of Shem - Thinking about you (from New Zealand) and i couldnt help but notice that the drummer looks a lot like Deach!!! check it out for yourself and enjoy the music... i love this song!
  7. BUGOY

    Lanikai-Applause Hybrid (another NukeDoc custom!)

    NukeDoc does it again! he installed a complete pickup system from an old Ovation guitar into a Lanikai 6-string tenor! I'll let NukeDoc give you guys more details but i must say that it was a very clean install and it sounds great as expected with these electronics. heres some pics...
  8. BUGOY

    Guess who got a Fender Uke!

    got it today, took it home and changed the strings to D'addarios... wow! what a difference! I got the "NOHEA" version (KOA laminate). this thing is gorgeous! ok enough talk.. heres some pictures! Abalone Binding: Rosewood fretboard: (neat grain to it yea?) Telecaster Headstock: (i love it...
  9. BUGOY

    Traveler Escape Electric guitar (san diego)

    like the compact size of your uke but like playing guitar also? this is for you! heres the info copied from musicians friend: The Escape EG-1 is the most sophisticated travel guitar you've ever...
  10. BUGOY

    SD Uke Jam the 3rd Coverage...

    and here we go!
  11. BUGOY

    Almost Islanders, Aug. 12 @ mo's --> MY-BDAY!!!

    Thats right, Our next performance at Mo's lands on my actual B-Day and I am inviting ALL OF YOU to come celebrate with me. we usually do an acoustic set but since this is a bit of an occasion, were gonna have the full Band set up like we did when Aldrine was down... minus Aldrine tho.. haha! but...
  12. BUGOY

    UU San Diego Workshop POST event.

    heres some pics i took... great turn out! Im sure everyone learned something new. i know i did! :bowdown:
  13. BUGOY

    Official San Diego UkeJam Post-Jammin Report!

    I'll just post pictures. you guys can do the talking..hehe! and here we go!
  14. BUGOY

    Ibanez RG Electric Guitar + extras

    **Local Area Pick-up Only (San Diego)** sorry. I purchased this about 2 months ago and its in PERFECT condition. If i told you I bought it yesterday you wouldn't know the difference. I take care of ALL of my instruments and this was no exception. I waxed the body, cleaned the strings and oiled...
  15. BUGOY

    Almost Islanders playing "NANI" by Pau Hana

    heres a vid from last nights practice. This is our cover of NANI by Pau Hana, but inspired by "ONE-TIME" :D check it out! its on our myspace page too (look in sig)
  16. BUGOY

    aldrine: question and answer right now! PART 2

  17. BUGOY

    bask in the awesomeness!

    ya'll probably came across this video when you did a youtube search for guitar gently weeps. But i just had to post this because its just so damn awesome!!! and THIS is just one reason why a "Slow Hand" can beat a round house kick any day! haha!
  18. BUGOY really is my friend!

    So me and my brother (AKA one of's very own moderators, NukeDoc:p) go a local music store, and there i see it...the ONE! the Ibanez GA Series GA5TCE Thinline Classical Acoustic-Electric Guitar! I would have picked up the one at the store it IF it wasn't the only one they had and for the...
  19. BUGOY

    what kind of guitar do i have?

    I have this shallow body acoustic/electric guitar. i guess for the most part, Its an Ovation. but here the kicker... on the headstock it says Ovation, but the sticker inside the sound hole says Celebrity, then the battery compartment for the pick up says Applause. Im confused... haha! I guess...
  20. BUGOY

    @ the apple store...

    Im at the apple store putting up the UU home page on all the computers. is that ok? just trying to spread the word! hehe! :D