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  1. DownUpDave

    Oh ugh, my aNueNue uc10 has a crack in the middle of the soundboard starting at the soundhole :(

    Because I am old school, we grew up saying green garbage bag cuz that's all there was. I also use the words Kleenex for tissue and Band Aid and Tupperware and Chapstick etc.
  2. DownUpDave

    Oh ugh, my aNueNue uc10 has a crack in the middle of the soundboard starting at the soundhole :(

    As another person said humidify right away. It can be as easy as puuting it in a green garbage bag with a source of moisture, a damp sponge or face cloth. Best bet is to lay it down inside the bag insert the damp sponge close up the bag and leave it be for a few days
  3. DownUpDave

    NUD Godin Multiuke

    I am glad you are still enjoying it. Thanks for the info on the Hannabach nylon strings. They make great stuff, I've used them on ukes and guitars before. Nylon seems to be over looked by the ukulele community but if you want a warmer tone that's the way to go.
  4. DownUpDave

    The Headstock Thread!

    Here are some
  5. DownUpDave

    The Strap Thread

    I am a big fan of Sherrins Threads straps. I also like the thin leather mandolin straps by Levy's on the Fred Shields pineapple.
  6. DownUpDave

    Pono PC Pro Classic Series is being discontinued ...

    A Pono Pro Classic was my first really good ukulele and it hung with customs costing 2-3X as much. These are excellent prices for really excellent instruments.
  7. DownUpDave

    The Bridge Thread

    That's on a LfdM, it's a smart idea that prevents gouging of the top when changing strings
  8. DownUpDave

    The Bridge Thread

    I'll play, these are always fun threads
  9. DownUpDave

    Non-drill straps - just save your money and don't

    It's all semantics, sure all expensive guitars don't come with strap buttons. You obviously have one button on the guitar you are attaching a strap to the headstock, something has to hold the other end of the strap. The point I was making was most people have no issue with strap buttons on...
  10. DownUpDave

    Non-drill straps - just save your money and don't

    This is a long standing debate in the ukulele community. I tried different straps that don't require buttons and was never happy with the way they worked. I have strap button on all my ukuleles including sopranos it just makes it easier for me to play, YMMV. Guitars, expensive guitars above...
  11. DownUpDave

    Are Strings for X the same as Strings for Y, but just a different length?

    As others have said your assumptions are correct that diameters are the difference between the strings sets. Installing soprano concert strings on a tenor will result in less tension. As obvious as this may seem there is this thing called the internet and you can order pretty much anything and...
  12. DownUpDave

    I really want to try guitar. Should I get a "guitarlele" or a parlor guitar or something comparable? Nothing exotic please!

    How do you like that model. I have been eyeballing it for a while now. I like the longer scale of the Mini II, it would be much better suited to E - E tuning then the regular mini which is 20".
  13. DownUpDave

    I really want to try guitar. Should I get a "guitarlele" or a parlor guitar or something comparable? Nothing exotic please!

    Semantics aside the question that needs to be asked to the OP is do you want to play steel string or nylon string guitar. Another is budget level, beginner level can mean $200 to one person and $700 to another. There are lots of really good small bodied nylon and steel string guitars out there...
  14. DownUpDave

    Custom made ukulele

    I would highly highly recommend LFDM ukuleles. I might be biased because I do own three of them but I own other high end tenors. I have also bought and sold a half dozen other customs for top notch builders. His base price is $2800 USD and he is in Canada so you can deal directly with him. He...
  15. DownUpDave

    NUD, Barron River concert (plus NAD)

    There is beautiful then there is gorgeous then there is super amazing fabulous then there is this instrument. Congratulations, words cannot express how impressed I am with your new ukulele, enjoy.
  16. DownUpDave

    NUD Godin Multiuke

    I had one for a year or more and was very impressed with its amplified tone, the best I've ever heard. I am a !ow G player and like you found the Fremont too boomy. I switched to Thomastik Infield CF30 and CF27 for wound G&C string, always play wound 4th and 3rd. It sounded much better and I...
  17. DownUpDave

    What's happening in your shed?

    The ukulele is beautiful, I read the article. Hats off to you for creating such an interesting instrument that is being auctioned off to benefit your daughter's school. She looks like a sweetheart and should be proud of her dad. There is lots of good stuff that happens in this world it just...
  18. DownUpDave

    What goes with a Redwood top?

    I own an I'iwi tenor with Redwood over walnut. I also own a Kimo with Redwood over walnut, I like walnut. That being said I always say "ask the builder". They can tell you from experience based on how they build what they get good results from
  19. DownUpDave

    Rant - Why does Canada hate soprano ukuleles?

    First world problem. on-line. The interwebs will solve all your ukulele buying issues
  20. DownUpDave

    For Sale Ono Cedar Bolivian Rosewood Tenor

    Just a question out of curiosity, what didn't you like about the tone? Was it too warm, too bright, too loud too quiet. The only reason I ask is because some people maybe prefer "bright" and if you say it is bright they might be interested in it. I have owned two Ono ukuleles and both were...