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    For Sale Ono Cedar Bolivian Rosewood Tenor

    $2900 (at the top of the page)
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    I'm looking for a spruce/acacia tenor.

    Forgot to mention that I needed to have the nut groove filed down to be able to play a b minor comfortably. The uke is on the heavier side also.
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    I'm looking for a spruce/acacia tenor.

    How about a spruce /koa tenor made in Hawaii for $475? I bought #225 from a UU member 5 years ago and still use it as my workhorse uke. I don't think it is custom made as some state though.
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    What’s the secret?

    This is the response I got from Charlie Fukuba of I'iwi ukuleles when I had that problem with a concert poi pounder : Basically I loop the string a multiple times before I pull it to tie the knot. 4 times for the 1st string 3x for the 2nd 2x for the 3rd 4x for the 4th
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    Strange Transition

    Jim and Peanuts56, thanks for your insight.
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    Strange Transition

    How do you go about learning to do this?
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    WTB: Kamaka HP-1L / KoAloha Pineapple Sunday

    here's a listing on reverb for the pineapple sunday
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    Who's Jake?!

    Don't forget Benny Chong (best jazz uke player), Bryan Tolentino and Herb Ohta Jr., Ohta-San (Herb Ohta Sr.), Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel...
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    Metal, Wound C String

    I've used Thomastik C and G wound strings as well as Oasis smooth wound G without much squeaking or noise. Other wound strings I've used have been noisy especially when sliding up strings. Agree with Taro that the Thomastik C and G wound strings work well with fluorocarbons; Chuck Moore uses...
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    OMG...Holy snot look at this one

    Thanks for the link; interesting story
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    OMG...Holy snot look at this one

    kaimuki said: Koa Wood, the Holy Grail "Let me tell you a little secret... koa is sonically not the best sounding tone-wood in the market for ukulele."
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    Irvine, CA club?

    I'd like to join too, but will have to wait til i move down to OC, hopefully next year. Please keep me posted on how it goes. Mahalo and aloha
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    Seaguar Blue Label samples - got what I wanted, thanks!

    Please give us your thoughts and / or sound sample of the strings after you've tried them. Mahalo.
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    Impressions of the HMS Membership Lessons

    Thanx, I'll check it out.
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    Impressions of the HMS Membership Lessons

    I agree with manfromtexas "I would sure like to know HOW to do it so I could sprinkle it in here and there. I do grasp WHAT it is they’re doing - they sometimes are riffing off the arpeggio of the chord that is being played, sometimes riffing off of the scale of the song, sometimes throwing in a...
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    using paypal family and friends?

    I haven't bought or sold any ukuleles so far, but I can foresee in the future that it will probably happen. My question is in regarding payment for the ukes. I see people pricing their ukes and asking for payment with paypal friends and family. Is that a standard practice? It seems that the...
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    mylar plastic fingernail/pick guard?

    Has anyone used a self adhesive clear mylar plastic as a fingernail/pick guard on their ukulele? Did you like the results? Has anyone removed one of these? Any experience would be welcomed, as I am debating whether or not to install one that was given to me by the uke maker.
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    which tenor?

    Aloha everyone, This is my first question/post on UU as I recently joined. I am interested in buying a custom tenor ukulele that I would enjoy even playing more than my first (which Iove), being a Kanilea. The following are under consideration: I'iwi, Ono, Maui Music, Ko'olau CS-O, Pu'uwai...