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  1. rockthemike

    Pickup for Pono PTO... suggestions wanted!

    Hey everyone, On Monday I'll be taking delivery of my 2nd ukulele, a Pono PTO, which will sit alongside my Fender Pa'ina. The Pa'ina, acoustically, doesn't produce the sound I was really hoping for with my style of playing, but i love the fact that it has a pickup. Instead of selling it, I...
  2. rockthemike

    ISO: Pono PTO

    Hey everyone, I was really excited to receive my first ukulele this week, a Fender Pa'ina ukulele. I thought I'd love it but am thinking more and more that the sound it's producing is not what I'm looking for. The pickup is nice and it feels light and easy to play but I'm not in love with what...