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    (Somewhat) Free: Uke tuners, Uke Leash

    Claimed I have a couple items to give away for the cost of shipping ($7 via USPS Priority). Payment by PP gift. Offer is valid for the U.S. only, sorry. 1 Reverb tuner 1 ROM tuner (looks like your generic give-away tuner) 1 Uke Leash (no idea on length, I used it on a tenor uke) 1 'A' 440 Hz...
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    FS: Risa stick soprano uke

    SOLD As the title says, this is the RISA soprano stick uke. The uke is in excellent condition, there is a very small ding on the back (photo below). The bag is missing the carry strap. I'll include the inexpensive headphone amp I used with the uke. I had a hard time getting used to the lack of...
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    How is a RISA stick uke tuned?

    And thanks, I assumed it was gCEA. ;) For some reason I've become interested the the RISA stick ukes, perhaps I should switch to decaf.... Anyhow I was curious: Will a standard clip-on tuner work? Where exactly would you clip it? Is there a tuner that plugs into the output jack?
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    F:: Mainland red cedar pineapple uke

    SOLD FS: Mainland red cedar pineapple uke SOLD Since I can't seem to handle typing "For Sale" in the title, this uke *is* for sale.... *** This is an updated post to reflect a lowered price. This is for sale, no trades please. I purchased this a couple years ago as a "blemish". It took...
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    FS: Fluke walnut tenor

    Sold Tenor scale neck Hardwood fretboard w/wire frets Peghead tuners Fluke gig bag I currently have this strung with a wound low-G, Aquila nylguts on the other strings. I bought this to experiment and see if I liked low-G tuning (meh, not so much for me). If I kept it I’d go back to high-G...
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    FS: Firefly banjo uke

    ** Sold *** This is the walnut version with hardwood (not sure if it's rosewood) fretboard, soprano size. I replaced the stock tuners with Peghead tuners. It's currently strung with Aquila strings. Comes with the denim gig bag. There are "ring" marks on the headstock from the old tuners (see...
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    Had a bridge mishap

    Sigh, I hate Wisconsin winters and low humidity. I struggle to keep my smallish house above 21% RH (and yes I do run a humidifier). Came home today and noticed a rectangular piece of wood on the floor. Picked it up and recognized it as a bridge. Hmmmmm. Looked at the ukes hanging on the wall...
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    2013 Uke calendar available?

    I might have missed the post, however is there a 2013 uke calendar available this year? IIRC my 2012 one was produced by Lori A. and the proceeds went to a charity. Steve in Madison
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    Installing Peghead tuners in a Flea

    All: I don't think this is a "luthier" topic so am posting it here. I'm replacing the "stock" tuners on my Flea with Pegheads. Has anyone done this themselves? I've looked at the instructions on the FleaMarket site, It sorta looks like I'll need to ream out the "stock" hole just a little (I...
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    FS: Tallgrass Bamboo Ukulele<SOLD>

    **** SOLD **** Thank you As the title says, this is a Tallgrass concert size bamboo uke. Bamboo body, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, "fairly recent" Aquila Nylgut strings. This is not the "personal sound hole" model. There's no gig bag, however I'll double-box it for shipping. $100 +...
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    Beginner Ukes + Intonation = Big Deal?

    I admit I'm a noob, less than a year of playing (and this is my first string instrument). My question is, does a uke's intonation (as I understand it) *really* matter that much to us picking up the basics? Intonation seems to be an issue for many first-time uke purchases. AFAIK "intonation"...
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    My little bit of uke evangelism

    Back in May my local BMW M/C club had our annual rally (picture the UWC with a lot more motorcycles and no ukes ;). I was sitting in a quiet area practicing my uke (IIR it was Uncle Rod's chord progressions). A couple of our club members walked by and were interested in my uke. We talked ukes...
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    String tension question

    I've been playing for only 6 months or so, so I haven't exactly worn out the current set of strings on the few ukes I have. However, I've been thinking of picking up a few extra string sets (Worth's, Aquila, D'Addario, etc) to try out latter. The intended targets for these strings are a Flea, a...
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    New Boat Paddle uke

    I just received my Boat Paddle M uke recently purchased off Ebay. This is not a custom one with exotic woods and trim features; it's "just" the basic M model with a spruce top and mahogany body. I think I got it for a fair price, all things considered. Front: Back: I'm a relatively new...
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    Ukes on motorcycles

    Hello all. I'm a new uke player (only a couple months), however I've decided I really want to take a uke with me on motorcycle trips. Trips can be anywhere from a weekend trip to 4 weeks, sometimes camping (meaning the uke and case might need to compete with camping gear) and sometimes "credit...