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  1. ukuleleovernite

    Invitation to the Blues/Waits *uke & sax*

    Hi folks, long time no see, but I thought you might like to hear our ukulele/sax/voc/organ cover of a Tom Waits song :D Ovenfresh, recorded yesterday. Here you go:
  2. ukuleleovernite

    Zappa's SOFA No.2 on ukulele, ubass, melodica, glockenspiel

    Hi fellow ukers, another Zappa song on tiny instruments (and three sofas) :cool: Have fun, sing along and hug the pug!!! :D
  3. ukuleleovernite

    Whipping Post (Allman Brothers) / ukulele & bass ukulele

    Hi folks, this morning, husband and I sat down at the kitchen table to do our version of Whipping Post :) Hope you guys like it! Have fun! cheers, Kiki
  4. ukuleleovernite

    More Zappa on ukulele and other tiny instruments :-)

    In the last weeks we did some more Zappa songs. Drumming on the desk, clarinet, cup rhythm, playing schnapps glass and melodica ;) Check it out and sing along :) Cheerio, Kiki
  5. ukuleleovernite

    Black Napkins (Zappa) ukulele, piano, double bass, vibes&drums

    Hi fellow ukers, we recently did an acoustic version of Frank Zappa's "Black Napkins". Our drummer always wished to play this song, and although I refused for nearly two years because I had no idea how to play an great ol' jazz rock p*** :drool: on a ukulele, I did him a favor and worked it out...
  6. ukuleleovernite

    The Torture never Stops (Frank Zappa)

    We just finished recording Zappa's "torture never stops". You'll hear a tin ukulele, soprano, bass ukulele, drums, organ, vocals. Headphones highly recommended ;) Have fun!
  7. ukuleleovernite

    Time (Tom Waits) ukulele+double bass

    Time has come to do a Waits cover :D Just finished this one, using my old double bass I inherited from my father. Have fun and sing along! Cheers, Kiki
  8. ukuleleovernite

    Zappa on ukulele*live* @ Zappanale festival Germany :-)

    Hi, dear uke friends! We did it! First time in history a ukulele band played a whole Zappa set! We had brightest sunshine, a wonderful audience and lots of fun! I hope a little bit of that is caught in the video. Have fun!
  9. ukuleleovernite

    WPLJ (Zappa, written by The 4 Deuces)

    Hi there, here comes WPLJ (white port and lemon juice) ;) from our latest rehearsal. Have fun and feel free to sing along!
  10. ukuleleovernite

    Ukulele Overnite @ Zappanale Festival 2013, Germany

    Dear fellow ukers, I just got the message that we will play our Zappa programme at the opening afternoon on August 1, 2013 at the wonderful Zappanale festival in Bad Doberan, Germany! Afaik this is the first time a ukulele band will play some of Frank Zappa's songs on stage :cool: And I...
  11. ukuleleovernite

    Zappa on ukulele :-)

    Hey there! I like to play some songs of Frank Zappa on my ukulele and kala u-bass, sometimes on a banjo ukulele or accompanied by drums and keyboard. Cosmik Debris: Uncle Remus: Bobby Brown...