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  1. SteveZ

    Tenor Guitars, Classical Guitars

    Have you tried finger picks? I've used them a few times with the tenor guitar and tenor banjo.
  2. SteveZ

    FS: Martin T1K tenor ukulele

    Martin T1K in great condition. Currently tuned GCEA (reentrant). Includes the Martin gig bag and shipping within the USA lower 48. PayPal only, please. Price is US$ 385. ****SOLD*****
  3. SteveZ

    WTB: Baritone banjo ukulele

    Considering the scale and physical size, a 17-fret or 19-fret tenor banjo, such as the Deering Goodtime tenors, would appear to fill the desire. Either steel or nylon strings would work (though steel does sound better, to me anyway) and any tuning is possible. Also, the price would not be...
  4. SteveZ

    Adding a Pickup

    I put a pickup/tuner on my OS 8 string a couple years ago. Considering the price of the instrument I wanted to spend the least possible. So, I got one of the "EBay Specials" that went for under $10. Installation was not hard, providing you have some sharp exacto-type knives and take your...
  5. SteveZ

    What's up with the Martin C1K?

    My T1K is more sedate appearance-wise, but the sound is spectacular (to me, anyway). It's now my only 4-string tenor uke because of its sound. Have had no form-fit-function issues with the made-in-Mexico uke. It sits well side-by-side with my Nazareth-made tenor guitar. Cannot find any...
  6. SteveZ

    FS/FT: The Duke banjo-uke

    Looking to sell my The Duke banjo-uke or possibly trade it for an 8-string uke. The sale price of US$TBD includes USPS Parcel shipping within the lower-48 and PayPal fees. PayPal only, please. The Duke (tenor scale) has an 8-inch head and factory-installed Schatten pick-up. Also with it is a...
  7. SteveZ

    Duke 10 Banjo Ukulele (something new)

    Last month the postman delivered a surprise - a new banjo-uke called the Duke 10. The surprise instrument is a prototype for a new release from the folk who produce The Duke banjo-ukes. Over the years I've had several banjo-ukes, including one of The Duke folk's first endeavors in the banjo-uke...
  8. SteveZ

    Roll call: Players of 5ths tuning

    My earlier post that mentioned using 20-pound test mono fishing libe as an E5 string was meant for its use on soprano ujes. That's the only size uke that I ever had anything close to success In tuning GDAE. For tenor ukes, CGDA works well, and one can always capo t higher. The E5 string on a...
  9. SteveZ

    Six-String Opinions

    Lately, the uke which seems to be getting tte lion's share of playing time has been the Lanikai tenor 6-string. I have it tuned CgGDaA and it has been great on everything from reggae to rock to country ballads. Are others with 6-string ukes finding these instruments to be this versatile or do...
  10. SteveZ

    NUD - The Duke banjo-uke

    The Duke, a New Zealand-made banjo-uke, arrived this weekend. Have been looking forward to receiving this instrument for a while, and the result was well worth the wait. There have been previous reviews of The Duke, and mine is basically an endorsement of what has already been said - The Duke...
  11. SteveZ

    The forgotten uke...

    Did you ever have a uke that became, for lack of a better term, forgotten? It's the one that found itself buried in the closet and passed by when it came time to grab an instrument for some fun time. Buried in my storage area was a Lanikai tenor (LU-22TFM) that I got used from another UUer...
  12. SteveZ

    Community - Groups

    for the first time in a long time I made a new post on one of the "Community - Groups" which I am a member. There was a time shen I was active on a couple groups, and for no reason than failure to hit the right button on the menu bar I just haven't been back in a while. From the looks of the...
  13. SteveZ

    FS: Amahi Concert Uke with tuner/pickup/preamp

    For Sale: Amahi Concert Ukulele (Model C-220). This one-owner uke comes with an Amahi padded gig bag and is recently restrung. It has a satin finish. The back, top and sides are laminated mahogany. In addition there is a GCEA tuner/pickup/preamp which I installed. The action has been lowered...
  14. SteveZ

    FS: SideKick Tenor-Scsle Banjo-Uke

    For Sale; SideKick Banjo-Uke. This tenor-scale banjo-uke is a one-owner instrument which is currently tuned GCEA. Weighing only 1.5 pounds it's light and comfortable to hold and play. Comes with factory-provided gig bag and strap. Just got a new banjo-uke, so room has to be made (storage area is...
  15. SteveZ

    FS: Kala KA-BE Baritone Ukulele

    For Sale: Kala KA-BE baritone uke. The uke has the factory-installed tuner/pickup/preamp. It also has two strap buttons, and comes with strap and gig bag. One owner, bought from HMS. Currently tuned CGDA, just like a tenor guitar. It's not getting the playing time it deserves and good...
  16. SteveZ

    FS: Deering Banjo Uke (Concert) & Gig Bag

    For Sale: Deering Banjo Uke (Concert) with gig bag This one-owner banjo uke is currently tuned GCEA (low G). It comes with the optional Deering gig bag designed for it. (List retail price is $399 for the banjo uke and $65 for the gig bag ) Have run out of storage room. A sound sample made...
  17. SteveZ

    *How-To* for doing set-ups?

    Have been using welding tip cleaners as round files for setup work for years. The tips only cost $5-10 per set and any decent hardware store has them. Got the hint on these from postings on the mandolin forums. The triangle files are fine where steel strings are used, but the much softer nylon...
  18. SteveZ

    NUD - Martin T1K review

    Have been considering a T1K for quite a while, and now one is here. Form: Have gone over ever square inch/centimeter of the instrument and it's flawless. The Martin MX facility has done a fine job. The T1K is a true solid-wood instrument with the entire body made from Hawaiian koa. The koa...
  19. SteveZ

    Six-String Tenor Uke Tuning Experiment

    Sometimes one can have fun experimenting with different string and tuning combinations. Lately, have been doing this with my six-string tenor uke. Six-string ukes especially are interesting because of the string combinations which work (and some that don't) and the varied sounds they can...
  20. SteveZ

    fishing line ukulele string recipe

    Have been using monofilament fishing line for uke strings for a while, mainly as single-string replacement and for sizes that I just can't seem to find. If one can do the math for what diameter is needed, here's a quick guide for line.