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    Tippi - Baritone & Dulcitone duet (original song)

    These days of Covid confinement spark some creativity. We wrote another song. This time baritone ukulele with our antique Dulcitone.
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    Baleno (original song and animation video)

    Hi gang, Haven't been on UU in ages. Over here in the Netherlands we're not in full lock-down, but we're damn close. As a teacher I'm busier than ever with online teaching and writing courses. But this kind of confinement also sparks creativity. So this weekend we wrote a little tune and I...
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    Talking Loud and Clear - Orchestral Tigers in the Dark!

    Saskia and I recorded this eighties gem and We Tigerfied it with our own instruments. Heaps of uke, vibes, bass and glockenspiel and a little animation to boot. Thanks for stopping by!
  4. we tigers

    Lysergic Bliss - We Tigers play Of Montreal

    Hi there, Saskia and I recorded this song by Of Montreal from their 2004 album Satanic Panic in the Attic. We had a lot of fun! Saskia did the vocals and the glockenspiel, I did the uke, bass and brushes. Thanks for stopping by!
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    Me Tigers - Beg Leguer

    Hi folks, it has been ages since posting anything here. Thought it was time for a little tune and a sign of life. Here's a little ditty on the baritone I came up with during our camping trip in Brittany/ France. Thanks for stopping by!
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    Ozzy's Book of Dinosaurs (original song)

    We wrote and recorded a little song about Dinosaurs. Our son Oscar loves his dinosaur book. ::)
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    ukulele black metal t-shirt design

    I designed a ukulele t-shirt. After seeing all these overly happy ukulele shirts I thought it was time for a bit of black metal style to enter the uke world. So here's my take on it. If you want one you can pick one up at our spreadsheet shop. (I haven't got any commission on it since...
  8. we tigers

    NUD: Rob Collins / Tin Guitar 5 string tenor

    Took delivery of a new (to me) ukulele yesterday. It's a gorgeous five string tenor made by Rob Collins from the UK. English walnut with a laburnum fretboard. Sound is warm and soothing. Love it!
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    (We) Tiger Sisters - recording songs with Saskia's Sister

    Hi gang, it's been a while since we've recorded a couple of songs. But at Christmas we have the tradition of recording something with Saskia's sister Cynthia. For the fourth year in a row we managed to make a couple of videos. Here they are. We start off with Fox in the Snow; a song by...
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    Framboos - orignal song

    Recently we planted a couple of raspberry bushes in our backyard. They're doing pretty well and we love to pick and eat the little fruits. Framboos is Dutch foor raspberry. The perfect excuse for me to write a little song and record a video with our twins! baritone ukulele - vibraphone -...
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    I wrote a tune; my daughter did a dance...

    ...together we made a little video!
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    We Tigers score for documentaries

    A couple of weeks ago we scored our first short documentary for Italian cookery school The Awaiting Table from Lecce in Puglia. The first one was about a lovely old Fiat 500. This one is about creating their own olive oil. Silvestro in Italy makes the video, we over here in the Netherlands...
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    a new direction for We Tigers?

    Hi guys, Lately we were asked to create soundtracks for the videos of The Awaiting Table. The Awaiting Table is an international cookery school in Lecce in Puglia, southern Italy. They focus on cookery courses but also do wine and food photography courses. The idea is to create small cinematic...
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    Calder - Soundtrack for a Sculptor

    I made another installment of Soundtrack for a Sculptor. After recording a trilogy inspired by Ossip Zadkine ( , I continued with Alexander Calder (1898-1976). This is the first part; recorded with...
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    Zadkine - Soundtrack for a Sculptor

    A Couple of months ago I wrote a little instrumental piece inspired by the visual artist Ossip Zadkine. I am a bit of a fan of old Italian soundtracks from the sixties and seventies; I love the way a theme gets different treatments and comes back in various styles. I have taken Zadkine as a...
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    Gazon - slow ambient ukulele

    Hi gang, besides our We Tigers duo, I've been making instrumental electro-acoustic ambient kind of music for about ten years under the name The Peter Principle. Ever since the ukulele entered the house, it has been an important ingredient in my instrumental music as well. Here's a new piece...
  17. we tigers

    New strings for my Pono Nui: SouthCoast LHL-WB

    I had to get new strings for my Pono Nui Big Baritone. in case you're wondering:"Pono Nuwhat?" this one: It's not easy finding a good string because of the 23" scale. I had contacted Dirk in...
  18. we tigers

    Manchmal - Cluster | early electronics translated to uke and glock

    I'm a huge fan of krautrock. "Kosmische Musik" from Germany from the early seventies is incredibly rich, diverse and highly original. Six months ago Dieter Moebius passed away. He was one of the German pioneers of electronic music in the early seventies. Together with Hans Joachim Roedelius he...
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    Dance Me to the End of Love

    Saskia and I recorded Dance Me to the End of Love. Originally by Leonard Cohen from 1984, but we prefer the version Madeleine Peyroux made in 2004. It was also a nice excuse to blow the dust off our tango shoes... vocals, Pono Nui big baritone, vibraphone, double bass, brushes, moves...
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    Groove is the Heart - Deee-Lite ukulele cover

    Get groovy with a little Deee-Lite!